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February 07, 2006



People have been questioning Jim Dillard's Republicanism for years. He's to the left of Warner and Kaine. Sean Connaughton is generally conservative, although he is a little shaky on taxes. Sean Connaughton has a lot more in common with Bill Bolling then he does with Jim Dillard.

Virginia Centrist

"Its easy to clamor for Reagan conservativism and raw GOP principles in Buchanan county."

Reagan raised taxes like 6 times.

One of those tax increases was the creation of the gas tax, I believe...


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I think you can draw parallels between the democrats at the national level and the republicans at the state level

Where are the new ideas and the alternatives

There is hope for the republicans here in VA

The house of delegates transportation plan should be very interesting as an alternate viable plan for the future of Virginia

You are obviously quite ignorant. Dillard voted against RPV's and the Fairfax GOP's creed 80% of the time. He was ten times more liberal than Reese, more liberal than Warner, more liberal than Kaine. As a sitting "Republican" delegate, he stumped for, and gave $1000 to, John Kerry.

Republicans need Jim Dillard like Democrats need Zell Miller. If Dillard were truly a good Republican, that term would be meaningless.

Dillard was never nominated by Republicans to represent them (he never won a closed nomination process). He was exposed and primaried in 1980--and lost in a closed nomination process--because Republicans knew his voting record and attitude made him anything but a Republican.

Name one fundamental ideal--any ideal--that Dillard shared with RPV, the Fairfax GOP, or any respected Republican group. If you can't, that tells you all you need to know. And even if you could, I could name 3 fundamental ideals he opposed for every one you name.

Not Larry Sabato

Dillard was also the only Fairfax Delegate to vote to say the confederate pledge before each HoD session. I wrote a letter at the time called "Dixie Dillard".


Ok, so maybe Jim Dillard made some people mad, I get that. But what about Gary Reese, or Harry Parish. Last I checked, it was Parish yesterday who blocked many of Kaine's tax increases in committe, wasn't it?

James Young

What makes you think that Chairman Sean has controlled spending in Prince William County? The average property tax bill has increased by 50-60% during his tenure. He won't even direct the bureaucracy to write a budget that limits spending to inflation plus the rate of population growth. If that's "control," then the word has utterly no meaning.

James Young -

Since you don't read the papers, Prince William's overall (and school) population has increased by a third since Connaughton took office. Add inflation to that number and you get the average you talk about. Hmmmm ... sounds like you ain't got much to stand on as usual.

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