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June 13, 2006


Webb Defeats Allen

One key point you miss here is that Webb just won and election by keeping quiet and wearing his medals. Now it's time for Jim Webb to speak. GeorgeBushAllen doesn't get to fly to Iowa for the summer. What a shame.

Virginia Centrist

Again, you prove that you have little or no understanding of how the Democratic party works.

Webb doesn't even need to appeal to this base this year. Their hatred of Bush and this war will bring them out.

Virginia Centrist

I also suggest that you look at the results, precinct by precinct.

Notice how the more liberal precincts (like Arlington) went heavily for Webb?

Mason Conservative

Hatred for Bush and the War won't win this election, VC. Right now the Democrats can only win when things go bad for the country. If Iraq and the economy do well, it helps Republicans. So basically, Webb can only win when things go bad for the country.

Virginia Centrist

1. I didn't say they'd win the election. I said they'd turnout Democrats. You're claiming that Democrats won't turnout.

2. "Webb can only win when things go bad for the country".

That's the general idea when you're trying to beat an incumbent who suckles at the President's teet...

fmr VA Hack

Interesting item from Hotline's blog OnCall:

Who Gets Wilder?

In what may be a first in a VA Dem primary, it appears that Webb will easily win the contest while losing every single majority-minority locality in the commonwealth. Just look at Rep. Bobby Scott's 3rd CD that streches from Richmond all the way down I-64 to the Tidewater cities of Newport News, Hampton and Norfolk. Miller will finish with around 70% of the vote there. His problem, however, was that he just did not get enough of these black voters to the polls, while Webb combined his convincing 20%+ margins in the NOVA CDs with equally impressive turnout numbers.

If Webb is to beat Allen this fall, he will need to pile up huge numbers in the black community to offset Allen's rural strength. One way to ensure this would be to pick up the support of VA's most prominent black politician -- ex-Gov./Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder (D). The ever-wily Wilder stayed neutral in the primary and has a warm relationship with Allen.

Who is the first to schedule the phone call down to Richmond's City Hall tomorrow -- Jarding or LaCivita?


I love all the Democrats who said Webb winning "would prevent Allen from flying to Iowa." HAH!!! Within a week of Webb winning Allen is jetting off to Iowa to raise more money in a weekend than Webb will raise in a month. Obviously Allen is terrified of Webb.

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