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August 21, 2006



Biden! Levin! Rockefeller! Dodd!

Sounds pretty sweet, where do I sign up?

Virginia Centrist

Biden's a loudmouth, but he's a pretty good guy.

Mason Conservative

Doesn't he commute from Deleware everyday to DC? That is pretty cool.


I like your approach to this. You're not pretending the numbers don't exist like a lot of GOP bloggers, you're trying desperately to make lemonade. Truly valiant effort.


Joe Biden is an insufferable windbag that reflects everything that has always been wrong with the Senate.

Nick Stump

I think if you'll check out Biden a little closer, you'll find he's been pretty supportive of the troops in Iraq. Jim Webb's certainly no cut and run guy. Most moderate Dems don't say they want to leave Iraq tommorrow. I think you'll find most of us want intelligent leadership in the White House and want the balance of power returned. This White House has tried to gut the checks and balances our forefathers wrote into the Constitution just to insure out country doesn't go down the tube when we have an incompetent president. If Bill Clinton had started this mess in Iraq, Republicans would have rejected the whole thing outright and they would have been right to do.

We need more Veterans in Congress now more than ever. This war was pushed by a bunch of former liberals now playing at being General. Look at Wolfowitz, Perth and company for the real theorists behind the draft dodgers who started this war.

We should have kept our foot on the neck of the Taliban and our hands out of Iraq. If you believe in this war so much, I hope you will do the right thing and join up and fight with the other brave men who might not have had your opportunities to go to college.

Serving in the miltary will add credence to your opinions on the war and will be a great addition to you education that you'll never be able to find in a book. And later, when you offer an opinion about foreign policy, you can say, "I've been there, and here's what I know."

It's one thing to talk, but when you put that uniform on, you're telling everyone who sees you that you are willing to die for your country, not just talk about it.

Further, going into the service will allow you to widen your perspective on racism. Nothing like have a man of color save your ass in a firefight to make the macaca incident seem to be a lot more than just "jackass". Allen's comment spit in the face of thousands of men and women of color who are out there putting their butts on the line every day for all the theorists back home.


Before saying that electing Webb will strip VA of its power in the Senate, keep in mind that Webb's defeat of Allen would make Webb the new "Golden Boy." Sure he's a bit more conservative than the mainstream Democrat, but Democrats need him to show that they can represent southern states and that they aren't just a bunch of crazy liberals. Look at how exciting Kaine was last year for the Democrats.

And even if the Dems do pick up 6 seats (which can't happen, but assume it will) a 51-49 majority will not garuntee major changes in policy. It just wont happen. What it will do is open up the Senate floor to more debating and less partisanship, which is far from bas news. Without going into how to solve the Iraq conflict, I assume the majority of those who oppose it feel that the lack of debate on the onset of the war led us to the situation we're in today. I'm not saying that Webb offers more insight into solving the conflict than Allen, I'm saying that Allen has made it a point to virtually ignore 45 of his colleagues because he didn't think their opinions mattered.

But honestly, Allen has this election in the bag. In a month people will forget about Macaca and Webb will be back down to 39%.

Nick Stump

Webb does have more insight on foreign policy than Allen and probably most of the people sitting in the Senate chamber. He's been an acknowledged foreign policy and military expert for years. Electing Jim Webb will lift up our military. Virgina will be the envy of the country. Allen's no prize and an embarrassment to the word Senator.


True, Webb's military service and his work as Secretary of Navy does give him more credibility when it comes to policy review. Allen really brings nothing to the table in this respect, unless it's a football analogy. But Nick, me thinks you are a bit extreme. Tom Coburn is an embarrassment. Rick Santorum is an embarrassment. Allen is just an ass.


Webb hasn't shown much of anything yet, so it's hard to say how he'd be as a Senator, but Allen is far from an embarrassment.

Nick, I agree that going into Iraq was a mistake, but we're there now. I just plain don't like Biden, never accused him of favoring a "cut-and-run" in Iraq. Listen to the guy during confirmation hearings. That alone cements him as a big bag of suck. And quit viewing everything through the prism of the military. it's a volunteer service for a reason. I have the utmost respect for anyobdy who's ever served our country, but don't use it to try and seem superior to those who haven't.

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