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August 15, 2006


Virginia Centrist




Whether or not Allen is racist is beside the point: the lame coverup, shifting rationales, and all the kvetching and whining are more the story now than what he said. He could have just said "I misspoke, and I apologize: I didn't mean to use that term" But no: he issued several different non-apologies with changing stories about where the word came from. THAT is what is hurting him, more than anything.


Allen should just ignore this kid and the Post trying to make hay, and move on.


Would it hurt you THAT much just to admit that George Allen was in the wrong this time? Or do you consider him to be someone who can't be criticized for any reason, whatsoever?

Mason Conservative

I wrote above:

"This was a jackass comment" and then went on to say that he was trying to be mean to the kid.

What I am so mad about is left wing bloggers once again doing all of Candidate Coward's fighting for him, and throwing the "R" word around like a baseball. Everyone knows Allen was wrong to say that. Its the way its beinge exploited only for political gain and the way they haev accused Allen supporters of also being racist. That word is getting thrown around way too much.


Nor saying it was a smjart idea, but it's gone way beyond that now, Siddarth, Webb and their lefty blogger allies are waging asymmetrical political warfare (along with the Post), they don't want an apology, they just want to use whatever to wreck Allen, and this will do for them.

Yo, E Rocks!

Oh my word, you are utterly clueless... in supporting Allen, have you researched his anti-Semitic and racist history?

Allen made a mistake in not asking for Sidarth's name. It doesn't take someone with much charisma or character to simply go, "uh, excuse me. You in the yellow shirt, what's your name? And who are you with?"

Allen didn't do that. Allen went full ignorant racist speed ahead, using the epithet, and then "welcoming" the guy to America. It doesn't get any more politely racist.

The "mohawk" nickname, though, caps it: it makes no sense in less the staffers have no idea what kind of Indian-American S.R. Sidarth is. More on my blog.

btw, It's more of a G.I. haircut than a Mohawk.


And after looking at your blog, you already saw Allen that way because of his penchant for Confederate history. God forbid anyone believe the South had it right with regard to trade and federalism. They were dead wrong on slavery, dead right on everything else. So that doesn't hold water as evidence of Allen's racism. And as I told james, when you guys on the left do something about people like Byrd and Jackson and Sharpton, then you can talk about racial issues.

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