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November 08, 2006


Jackson Landers

Spoken like a true gentleman.

It's not going to be so bad for you, really. Your party really was not giving you anything that you were demanding of it even after years in power so you haven't actually lost anything of substance. Meanwhile, the Democratic wave consists largely of conservatives. I know that the GOP will try to spin everything they do as just to the left of Che Guevera, but there will be no radical left wing policy coming out of a party which now depends so heavily on conservatives for our majority.

You're going to like Jim Webb as your Senator. He's his own man and most of his policy positions are that of a pre-Bush Republican.

Mason Conservative

What will be interesting about Webb . . . what made him attractive as a candidate might make him maddening to democrats in the Senate, don't you think?

Anyways, I think this is for the best for the party. Its time to get away from the Rovian culture wars and return to common sense, Reagan conservatism. We can start by making Mike Pence, John Shadegg, Mitch McConnell, and Jon Kyl our leaders in Congress.

Ditto on McConnell. I knew Frist was a bad choice from day one.

Senator Webb. Don't quit after 10 months this time.

Jim Hoeft

"And the blogoshere especially should feel ashamed about the way we all behaved."

As a collective, maybe. There are some blogs that were over-the-top. But I am proud of how we conducted ourselves at BearingDrift.com and I don't recall anything that you should be ashamed about here either.

Jackson Landers

Mason Conservative,

Absolutely! This is exactly what I've been trying to explain to Republicans and conservatives through this entire race. Webb will drive the left wing up the wall. You're going to love watching this. He's going to constantly knock heads with Ted Kennedy and his ilk.

I honestly think that you will be pleasantly surprised by Webb's performance. Virginia Republicans lost last night but conservatives won. We're not going to cut you out of the government. We've proven that there is a place for Reagan Republicans in the Democratic party and even if you aren't interested in joining up, we're still going to represent you. No, we aren't going to give you what you want on social issues. But nobody ever gets 100% of what they want.

I remind you that when you (the GOP) held all of the cards you refused to compromise on anything and were collectively as insulting and rude to the minority as could possibly be. We won't do that. We're going to make concessions for you. Just don't forget this some day when you control both houses again.


I'm glad it's over. I'm cautiously optimistic that Webb will keep his word, if so it won't be too bad (Kaine wouldn't have been too bad if he had kept his word either).

I agree that Allen should have kept his team instead of bringing in that Wadhams guy, it was like asking for a bloodbath when you were known as a nice guy. It took all the shine off of Allen, and once he was just another politician, it was hard to overcome the association with Bush and the wave of anti-Iraq sentiment.

But I disagree that we can't run a true conservative and win. Allen was RIGHT on the issues facing Virginia, and he didn't lose because of his positions, he lost because of his words, his actions, the Washington Post, and Webb being a war hero and former Reagan administration official.

Allen could have easily won if he had not mishandled macaca (I blame Wadhams for that -- think about the most likely reason for macaca, it was that his campaign staff was comfortable making crude jokes about the kid's name, and Allen heard it so much it just slipped out). If Allen had been able to simply be Allen, be the positive guy he is, nobody would have wanted to come out and charge him with the n-word, nobody would have believed the charges.

Anyway, I'm glad it's over, I wish the senate was 50-50, but it's not, and since government is not my god I will move on and live my life.

Now it's back to issues. Hold every elected official to the fire, make them do what is right.

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