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November 30, 2006



I'm with Webb. George W. Bush doesn't give two shits for Jimmy Webb or he would have done a thousand things differently. It's insulting that he'd even have the nerve to speak to Webb about his son.


Your title is pretty insulting too. Temper tantrum? His damn son is in the line of fire in Iraq- and George W. Bush's glass cowboy foreign policy is to blame.


I have friends and family in the line of fire also. Their parents will not want to so slug you is you ask how they are doing.
But if you choose to call them "damn son" they may just slug you.


Nobody told Webb's son to go into the military. And Webb chose to make his son's service a political issue, so don't go crying becasue Republicans are calling him on it.

And what does it say about a grown 60 year old man to treat his host in such a manner. Eventually campaigns have to stop, even if for one night.


Anger will not serve you Brimur. Neither does a potty mouth attitude you take when it comes to your comments. The question was a rather simple one. All Webb had to say was "He is fine" and move on. President Bush wants to work with the new Congress and Jim Webb said he looks forward to working with the Administration. If this recent episode is a sign of things to come, it would seem Webb is only going to work with people so long as the end result comes with him (Webb) getting his own way.


Of course the right Bush's totally ignores the President's comeback line of "I didn't ask that".

George W Bush has made a science out of being a boor, Mr. Will. He would make his mentor, Dick Cheney, proud. If you want to call someone on boorish behavior try starting in the White House and working down. You may run out of columns by the time this administration leaves office.

George Templeton

So let me see it is ok to disrespect the President if you are a Democrat, but Jesse Helms saying "I don't think President Clinton should come to North Carolina" is the worst offense in the world. How about a little consistency here.
And I hope some of you have noticed that some posters on NLS would have liked to see Sen.-elect Webb punch the President. He would have been hero #1 to the left-wing blogosphere dor doing it. In the mean time can we all pray for Webb's son to make it home safely from Iraq.

This isn't complicated. Both men behaved badly. Webb's response was within the bounds of reason (I want them (?) home from Iraq). Bush could have responded: "I hope he's safely home soon." The President's "I didn't ask that" was out of bounds. Webb's general churlishness at the White House was out of bounds, as was his (or his staff's) after action report on the event Where are the grown-ups?


MC: You are too informed to have mistakenly stated that Webb made a "political issue" out of his son's service. So you lied. You know that to be the opposite of the truth. Never did he mention it in an ad, never did he bring it up in a debate, nor bring it up in an interview.

Webb won the election. Your guy lost. Get over it.
I'm sure that the same right wingers who are fuming over this would have been delighted if, during the Clinton administration, say, Rick Santorum, had behaved similarly towards President Clinton because of Monica Lewinsky. "Upholding traditional family values!" He would have been a hero on Fox News and O"Reilly, and probably would have garnered a favorable column from George Will as well.

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