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November 08, 2006



Strangely enough, I'm not sure the voters in Virginia would be against recounts. The FBI is already persuing a few matters of voter intimidation, and with all of these e-voting machines, it would make sense to double check when things are this close. But if these voting machines leave no paper trail... how do you recount?

Though I am very surprised Missouri wasn't closer. The GOP has a terrific GOTV in MO and it's hard to imagine the Democrats ever topping it. And McCaskill's stem cell ad should have backfired more. Strange events.


1) The dirty tricks aren't associated with the Webb Campaign. Since the robo calls and the changed polling place calls targeted Webb supporters the FBI is probably on the trial of someone associated with Allen's campaign. He has a few staffers who have associates that are connected with previous problems using phones during elections. The Source for this information is e Pulribus Media....and I found the info here http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2006/11/7/223726/106

2) It's Allen's lack of character that got him out of office. It would be refreshing for him to display some character now with the recount...but I think Allen's supporters will end up disappointed.


Nick Stump

Good for you to show the class you have. You're right, Allen should concede. We don't need to drag this out and make this look like another Florida.

I'm pleased Jim Webb has done so well. I don't think he's a flaming liberal, and he'll serve many of the tenents of common sense conservatism. Virgina has made a good trade and Webb's clear-thinking, intelligence and experience will make all Virginians proud.


I agree with Chris also, as much as I'd like to see it, 7,000 or whatever it is votes won't be amde up in a recount. Unless there's a massive amount of military ballots still coming in for Allen, Jim Webb is our Senator. The question is, is he the guy who wrote about the Civil War, Clinton's corruption, and public policy from a conservative Virginian's perspective some years back, or has he been made anew by liberal hacks like Mudcat Saunders? I hope the former.

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