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November 29, 2006



Good to see Russell Crowe has a fightin buddy. Who will their next oppenent be?


Probably the next person that disagrees with him. It seems Mr. Cr . . . Webb ahs a bit of a temper and doesn't like it when he can't get his way.

Watch you US Senate! Agree with Jim Webb or he will beat you up!


Do I dare say....Jim Webb vs. ManBearPig!!! I'm super serial.


The Nice Guy Mr Webb goes to Washington
and disses the Pres. Now this is a real Macaca moment. Listen up Webb your all about BS and no manners not to mention a
one termer enjoy your brief stay



Way to go Jim! Dubya asked a question and got an answer he didn't like. When Dubyah sends the twins to Iraq then he can make small talk with those (who actually served) about their kids(who actually serve). Until then Mr Webb will treat him with the "respect" he really deserves. I'm proud that we have a Senator who has the guts to speak truth to power. The lackey Allen would have been too busy shining Dubyah's cowboy boots to say anything.


Can you shine cowboy boots?


No. RRE doesn't know the first thing on cowboy boots. As for who can talk to whom about Iraq, having a child there is a not a prerequisite to talk about Iraq. The President deserves respect, even if you don't like the man, the office is what deserves the respect. People who don't respect that much are the ones who lead the country down a road of gloom and doom.

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