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November 09, 2006



Posted at NLS- Go Mason, btw.

Thanks for being gracious, the Republicans who post here. I think the residual anger you see from Democrats here, see above, is because the seriousness of Iraq. You can say we are not being gracious in return, but it is not a usual thing and it certainly is warrented criticism, in my view.

But I'm not going to do that. I think this whole process just showed we are all human, that politics relates to most everything and that the war is a HUGE issue- because so few have sacrificed for something supposedly so important while most of us (certainly everyone here) has not had to.

But I really do appreciate both sides here. I'm not sorry Allen lost, but I'm glad the process worked. You all have some solidly principalled Republicans out there who you should encourage to run. Encourage those who are more interested in governing than winning.

Or, if you want to lose Virginia more and more, encourage Allen to run again. If he were a Democrat, I would encourage him to go back to private practice, but that's just me.

And MC- I owe you a night of drinks, per a bet we made, because Webb was clearly not ahead in the polls at the beginning of Oct. I'm willing to honor that, but you'll have to understand I'm a cranky winner and I'm still very upset about the war. I'm happy to take you out for booze, and I'll even bring a very conservative friend of mine. I'll treat to cigars as well.

Not Ben

MC -- interesting point. You made one minor typo: "Bob McDonnell wins over Creigh Deeds by only 300+ years."

I thjink you meant votes, not years.

Stephen Braunlich

You really want NOVA to go conservative (as opposed to Republican... we can run liberal Rs and get them elected) start educating the public on ideas and organizing the grassroots. Party's exist to have majorities, not to advance ideas. Rahm understands that, and he recruited candidates that would win.

Mason Conservative

Stephen, your absolutley right! Thats what Kate is NOT doing! Thats what we need! I did not see the RPV drawing any strategies towards NOVA, she sat back as we killed each other.


Tom Davis is a perfect example of a moderate Republican who still holds a safe seat (though did you notice his was the second closest reelection in the state, next to Drake) but when he bids for Senate, you can consider that seat lost to Dems. And don't blame Kate for George Allen, I feel his campaign is more to blame. He blundered but they started really losing ground as they went more negative (not Kate's fault). And I would argue that Kilgore's defeat was of a similar nature.

Though don't give lots of credit to Rahm. He runs the show with an iron fist, but he can't always deliver. IL-06 and IL-10 were the two main races he oversaw and he didn't win either of them. KY-03 and NC-11 and all the PAs were really run by other people (de facto).

And the idea of running moderates may not always work either. This was just a blue year. The moderates up north lost their jobs because this was 2006. Steele was an incredible candidate but lost because it was 2006. She may not have a recovery plan, but I doubt Kate's to blame for VA's blue tendencies.


Also (and sorry these are random)...

I see all the new voters in NOVA as economic conservatives that will concievably go back to voting more Republican once the war in Iraq is over. Though, I can't see them voting for social conservatives.

Matt (not the usual one)

Once again, I dont know if it was Kate's strategy but going out there in the woods of Virginia and constatnly labelling NoVa residents as some kinds of aliens or fake Virginians, that too by a dude who himself is not a Virginian doesnt help IMHO.

Even if if Siddhart was not brown and Allen dint call him macaca, I found it really disturbing that he kept calling a guy who was btw born and raised here in Virginia (something Allen cant claim) an outsider and kept saying NoVa was not a prt of Virginia. Doesnt take a genius to figure out that if you do that, you cant expect peopl from there to support you.

Just because someone doesnt agree with your regressive and exclusionist social agenda doesnt mean you completely disown and abuse them. There are other issues on which you can find common ground! I am pretty sure that white collar professional NoVa would find more common ground with Allen's economic principles than they would with Webb's populist, almost semi communist agenda.

But then again, dint seem like that was Allen's priority.

Not Jerry (nor George)

Hey Hey... Ho Ho... Kate O Griffin has got to go!

The time has come to replace the neo-con viper with a big tent Republican.

How much more ground can we afford to lose?

Republicans should call for the resignation of Kate Griffin. That - or fire her.


so who?


No names come to mind, but we need an old-school conservative a la Goldwater (NOT a neocon, NOT a social conservative).

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