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November 20, 2006


Shaun Kenney

I agree with every point you have made. Wow.

I think Ed knows what needs to be done. More finesse, less brute force. But it's going to take a Virginia insider, not a Washington insider to get it done IMO.

Bryan J. Scrafford

Great post, MC. I think that the shift in power will result in both parties having to rethink how they've been approaching elections in the past. Through the relatively new leadership of Webb, Warner, and Kaine, Virginia's Democratic Party has been growing in popularity -- especially in our part of the Commonwealth. It therefore shouldn't be surprising that the Republicans have to reconsider their leadership as well.


Interesting coming from a Conservative. Very nice write up.

Shaun Kenney

"not bad but", I think he listed the solutions along with the criticism...

(1) Pay attention to the unit committees.
(2) Not just a DC insider, but a Richmond, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Roanoake, Charlottesville insider.
(3) Recruit solid candidates that can win.
(4) Improve the strategy to win.

I would include the following:

(5) Good lists,
(6) Review the State Party Plan for costs to unit committees,
(7) Permanent field staff in each congressional district working for the district chairs,
(8) Revive Ed Matricardi's morning e-mail,
(9) Netroots co-ordinator on staff,
(10) Training for unit and district chairmen from people who know,
(11) Quit filling RPV positions with outsiders, start filling RPV positions with Virginia insiders.

That's just a short list IMHO.

RPV will have it's work cut out for it to get ready for 2008... not to mention stemming the tide in NOVA, candidate recruitment for 2007, preventing a knockdown fight for 2008 if Senator Warner retires, and delivering Virginia to the GOP column in 2008 (not an understatement).

There's a lot of work to do... it'll take Virginians and folks with national pull to make us first class.

Mason Conservative

Agreed entirely Shaun.

And remember, I'm not attacking Ed Gillespie. He is a great conservative, and hs done a wonderful job on a national level adn still has alot to contribute. I just think we have plenty of good Virignia insiders who can handle this.

Hey Shaun, that sounds like a plan put forth by an executive director, no?


Perhaps, MC, you should be concerned that the Democrats fully concur with you. That alone should give you pause in your assessment.

Mason Conservative


It does not. I believe I am correct in my analysis. Lets make this clear, I am NOT saying that we should abandon conservatism. We just need to communicate it in a different way. My model really is Bob McDonnell. The problem with guys like Allen and Gilmore is that they can, and have the reputation, of being partisan to a point that alienates nearly anyone who is NOT an conservative. We can't win that way. If you dont' agree with me, tell me why. Don't say "Democrats say your right."

not bad but !

Who do you suggest- Criticizm without a solution is too easy.


Let's face it: Ed is there because Allen is running in 2008 when John Warner retires. He's there for preparing for that run, and for the Presidential ticket as well.

Allen will actually have a fairly decent chance in 2008. Whomever the Republican nominee is, they may well face a competative (for the first time in a long time!), but ultimately a Republican Leaning race with Republican coattails.

However, that's if Allen can put this race behind him. Unfortunately, with the campaign focus no longer mediating and time-limiting the damage that can be done from his various scandals, that may not be the case. If so, then a run in 2008 will hurt the top of the Republican ticket (i.e. President). And that, that is very very bad. Virginia is a state Republicans worry not so much about losing, but rather about having to spend money in. Virginia has one of the most expensive media markets in the country. It's not as bad as California or New Jersey/New York would be to the Democrats, but it's darn close. If a wounded Allen faces a clean-cut and scandal-free Mark Warner for Senate, its bad news all around for Republicans.

A less embattled Republican, a fresh face, could easily make the race far more conventional and, dare I say it, dull. If so, Republicans will retain the 2008 homefield advantage for President.

Allen is bad news.

James Atticus Bowden

Mason Conservative: Good statement of your concerns. I think we will find Gillespie is more than a two trick pony. We'll see.

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