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January 31, 2007


Brett Coffee

There are a lot of us who don't believe that the troops get the amenities they deserve, and many are stationed at remote bases around the world without the ability to communicate securely with their families or keep their morale up. While some might think that our troops receive "obscene amenities", I've never heard those complaints. Maybe it's in the eye of the beholder; maybe the columnist is more interested in an eye for an eye. But for those of us who think the troops deserve all our support, we support the troops through the SemperComm Foundation and similar organizations. If you understand how hard their job is, we invite you to check out our organization, and those who do similar works, out of our sense of duty and devotion to the troops who have that sense about each of us back here safe at home.

George Templeton

The idea that it is somehow wrong for the troops fighting to be frustrated by the morale situation here in the US is pretty amazing.
Look fair comment and criticism is fine, but to say that we indulge every Abu Ghraib and every Haditha is one of the worst smears of our great military that has been written print. It's a free country Mr. Arkin and I am free to say that what you wrote is disgraceful.

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