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January 29, 2007


Newport News Dem

I would assume that if one was to read virtually every opinion poll done on how the world views the United States under bush, the term fits perfectly.


Yeah but come on. Kerry should show some guts and say that on the floor of the US Senate, not at some international conference where everyone agrees with him.


I know it is a long shot Chris, but Hunter is my first choice to lead the country.
IMHO-He is the real conservative candidate to get the party back on track.


I like him, too Kilo. But James Garfield. It was James Garfield who was the last congressman to win the presidency. Hell, who was the last congressman to be the nominee? William Jennings Bryan?


I moved from MA to VA two years ago. I was prolife profamily leader. I would not spit on Mitt Romney. Anyone who wants to know the real Mitt Romney visit Brian Camenker's website www.massresistance.org and there you can download the full dossier. This man is mega proabort. When I cosponsored original marriage amendment in 2001 he called it bigoted and wouldn't sign. He tries to be all things to all people. He has been staunchly proabortion until he decided to run for president. Not one decent prolifer in MA is supporting him. Those who are you can bet Romney is feeding money into their organizations. Trust me on this. I love Brownback but he is for illegals. So, prolife, profamily, armed service committee, anti illegal, Duncan Hunter is my man. He has it all! Never ever would I support a phony who has been a life long proabort and uses the unborn as political footballs.
The only honest candidate in the 27th Senate district who doesn't lie is Jill Holtzman Vogel and it is too bad those who call themselves prolife are trying to paint Jill as not being one of us. She is and always has been and can actually to her campaign statement without losing $100,000!


Good points. Like I said, my candidate is pretty fluid right now. Now if JIm Gilmore gets in . . . he might be my guy.

NOVA Scout

Someone should tell Hunter that Kerry's not running. When you're trying for the top position,you have to read the papers every day.



Good video of Hunter

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