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February 21, 2007



Regarding the recent lawsuits filed by New York against Virginia gun dealers. Is there any legal action that can be taken against those who committed the supposed straw purchases? I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me that if you have someone who says they committed an illegal act (without the consent of Virginia or Federal officials) that they could be prosecuted.

Tom James

I would like to know what the procedure is for investigating an elected public oficial (specifically county BOS) by the State Police?

I was told the order has to come from the AG's office and that is very hard to get one politician to investigate an other.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Also what are the procedures to investigate a doctor who is prescribing medication for minors and not keeping records on the medications? It's my understanding this is illegal. I have written the Department of Health Profession Regulation nearly a year ago and have yet to hear of or see any action.

Happy Feet

Hello General

I am a practicing attorney and would like some clarification about the Virginia State Bar ethics rules. Has the Bar Association done away with the "the mere appearance of impropriety standard" as the supporters of "a certain state senator" has alleged. If not, how can an experienced lawyer/public servant not see that there is in fact an appearance of impropriety?

Finally, I just think that this situation is absolutely unfair. Why does this senator get the rules changes to suit his personal situation? God knows that there were many past potential candidates who had to let forego their dreams due to economic reasons.


I guess I'll ask a question too.

Mr AG,

As a parent with a child that has been too (is she back?) Iraq, what is your feeling on the congressional Democrats resolution that passed the House and failed the Senate? And if you can, what are your feelings on Virginia Republicans Tom Davis and John Warner supporting this measure?


After reading through several blogs and hearing in the news, we know that your daughter, Jeanine, has served our country proud in the United States Army. I know you and your family must be very proud of her and of her service. How is Jeanine doing and is she expected to make another tour anytime soon? If so, how do you feel about her making another tour during a war where there seems to be not end in sight?


AG McDonnell,

Thanks for taking time to join us today and for all of your hard work on the transportation bill.

I've heard some people around the Capitol say that the abusive driver fees in the GOP compromise are retroactive to drivers who have already had speeding tickets and other traffic violations. This doesn't seem particularly fair. Would this be a for of double jeopardy?

Thanks for you clarification.


lets keep track here, Brimur. I'm trying to keep this only for questions. Post that on any other thread. Thanks


Thank you, Mr. Attorney General, for taking the time to blog with us today.

The compromise transportation plan that you helped craft would increase taxes and fees by $250 million statewide and nearly $600 million regionally. In press releases, you have extolled this as a conservative plan. How does such a significant hike in taxes represent a conservative plan?

Neil Miller

Thank you Mr. Attorney General for taking the time today to answer our questions.

As a northern Virginian, I am concerned about many public safety issues. Can you please tell us what progress you have made or raised an issue during this legislative session with the General Assembly in working to protect citizens in northern Virginia from violent gang members, identity theft and those violent predators who would dare harm our young children?

With the recent scandal of a 29-year old sexual predator using a false name to pose as a 12 year old, 7th grader, it seems that the two issues of using a false identity and sexual predators have merged into one horrific example. Thank you for your leadership in Richmond and for the people of northern Virginia.

Ms. E

Good Evening General,

Thank you for blogging with us. In following this year's General Assembly session, I have a question. I have heard some discussion about whether or not the Lt. Governor has the ability to vote to break ties on the transportation bill. Since this is a revenue and appropriation bill, does the Constitution prevent him from voting
in the event of a 20-20 tie?

Thank you for your help with this question.

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