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February 09, 2007



Yes Gov. Kaine definitely matters just because he hold the ultimate power, the VETO pen.

I think you are correct that Kaine has shown absolutely NO leadership this year. Last year, I thought he made valiant attempt to get both sides together with his transportation solutions but as we can easily see, nothing happened. I think his tranportation package last year was better than the liberal Republican controlled senate with Potts and company. I am very suprised we have heard absolutely nothing from the governor this year.


Surprised? Kaine is clever. He is not going to commit himself, and will spend the fall bashing the GOP for what they did not do.

If no transporation plan passes, they bash on that. If a plan passes, kaine bashes for not going far enough.

Kaine is a backshooter who prefers the ambush to candid discussion. remember, this is the guy who got elected by saying he would not raise taxes, then was asking for new taxes before thanksgiving.


Its about leadership. While I don't agree with Mark Warner on much, at least he lead. Kaine is a follower, someone who perfers to let others hold his water for him. And I've heard that Warner and his closest advisors don't think much of Kaine. Perhaps nobody thought he would beat Jay Katzen in 2001, and thought McEachin would have defeated Jerry Kilgore? Have you also noticed that Warner isn't around Kaine much? I get the feeling Kaine was the succesor nobody in Warnerland wanted.

There is a famous saying: "When your opponents are shooting themselves, stay out of way."

The Republicans control the House and the Senate and it is their job to pass a transportation plan. Why should Kaine help lead this most merry band of hapless legislators out of the wilderness?


I don't know Anon, maybe becasue he CAMPAIGNED that he would do just that!!!!! An look what is happeneing now? Seems like the GARepubs MAY come out with something, and what will Kaine do now? He took a giant risk.

My point is Kaine campaigned that he would solve the impasse and he has the office the bullhorn to do just that. Warner was able to get his (bad) ideas passed by asserting at least partisan leadership. If Kaine had have the balls that Saslaw or Moran have, Republicans would be in REAL trouble.


Kaine as "leader" was unable to bring about a compromise for transportation last year even though the Senate wanted to spend billions, and the house actually set aside hundreds of millions, for transportation.

That's a pretty sad commentary.

This year he's doing very little so far.

His biggest thing last year was reneging on his promise to support the Marriage amendment, and instead actively opposing it. It won by a large margin.


Remember, right now Kaine has to do absolutely nothing since the "so-called" Republican lead senate are absolutely killing each other over this "compromise."

Why should Kaine stick his neck out and deal with this issue when he has loyal deputies such as Chichester and Potts to do the work for him? Remember last year Chichester and Potts were much more ambitious with the idea of increasing taxes than Kaines plan. I think Kaine is probably enjoying watching the very liberal senate shoot down the transportation plans. As long as their is no transportation plan, Tim Kaine and the Democrats still have their main campaign platform in place for NOVA in 2007.

George Templeton

One note of caution. In terms of lack of effectiveness, we probably we're all saying the same thing about Warner after the referendum was defeated and unfortunately we were proven wrong. On a different track, I have a question for the Democrats on pre-K education. If we are already funding pre-K for at risk kids, then why do we need to do it for all kids, esp. those in very affluent No. Va. Most of them are probably already in pre-K to begin with.


So you are saying that Kaine is all eyebrows and no backbone? LOL

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