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February 26, 2007


George Templeton

Duncan Hunter is the candidate for the conservatives, I hope the blogosphere can push him toward the front the way Dean was pushed by the internet last year (without the ghastly ending of course).


After thoroughly evaluating all the current Republican presidential candidates, to me the best by far is Duncan Hunter. Those of us who are prolife profamily would never consider Giuliani, McCain or the double dealer hypocrite Mitt Romney who has changed his position on everything to try and get our votes. Duncan Hunter is solid on the life issue, pro family, he served on armed services comm, military background and he, unlike Brownback who is good on family issues, is staunchly opposed to any amnesty for illegals. It is too bad that Rep trot out the same old same old. Once folks look at Giuliani who is a philanderer in Gracie Mansion no less, pro abort, prohomo and for illegal immigration, Rep won't be impressed. McCain is very close to being a democrat--illegals, no tax cuts, campaign finance reform boondoggle and on it goes. Our choice is no choice so Hillary will win because I will not ever vote for a proabort Republican. There are thousands like me who would rather see the Rep Party fall in the ashes and rebuild on principle than vote for those guys. Go Duncan Hunter!

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