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February 24, 2007


George Templeton

I can't see anyway that Kaine can sign this, as is, and retain political credibility, particularly in his own party. How can you go into the caucus room and go ballistic denouncing this and then sign it.
To me he has one move and that is to amend it a little bit, claim that he has changed it enough to make it palatable and then sign it (the Bill Clinton welfare reform strategy).


George, your exactly right. The pressue is on becasue the entire Democrat stratgy was based on the presumtion that the GOP couldn't get anything together. If he goes too far, he knows the GOP now has the votes to beat back anything he wants to do that is too radical. Bill Howell is the man right now, and he just outmanuevered and outclassed Tim Kaine badly. I personally think is shocked this happened.

One thing is clear, Tim Kaine's "leadership" consists cheifly of hoping others will lead for him, then ranting and raving like a lunatic to scare the votes his way.


Not quite. The only thing Dems lost in this "battle" was one grenade amongst our arsenal of things to be used against O'Brien, Cuccinelli and Devilites-Davis. Watch how skillfully our level-headed leader Tim Kaine, with assistance from both sides of the aisle, mends the monstrosity that GOPpers themselves admit to having to pinch their noses to support, into something that even Bob Marshall can get in bed with. How obviously so trusting GOPpers are in Kaine's abilities.


"our level-headed leader Tim Kaine"


You mean the guy who went into the Democratic caucus and went absolutely ballistic over some bloggers and Ed Gillespie calling him do-nothing?

Yeah. He's REAL level-headed


One time instance. Name another if you can. And I'll challenge you to name an instance when he wasn't amongst his own.


Ok I can't come back t that. But where has Kaine been in this entire session? All we heard from him was that he wanted to put forth the EXACT same plan as last year that failed.

0-2 Timmy.

Now to be fair, if Kaine returns the bill with some reasonable changes, the call for compromise should be enough for Republicans to vote for it. I just think that Kaine is shocked that this even past. I be he thought he HAD it with Chich and ChamberPotts along with Quayle, Watkins, and Hanger. Speaker Howell has finally emerged as the strong willed leader of the Republicans in the GA. He proved here he has the power to control legislature. Kaine can't walk too far on the plank or he'll fall off.


Correction... Howell emerged as a leader in the House and in the House alone. So what! Quayle, Watkins, and Hanger voted in desperation, not wanting to go on record as contributors to Dems take over of the majority in the Senate this November.

Now, how come you can call Dems and Pottsie names and not have the likes of Squeaky Wheel not attacking you? ;)

James Atticus Bowden

The bill is a compromise of Republican principles predicated the premise that the voters are stoooopid.

It's pathetic politics and lousy legislation. Every Republican yes vote should be ashamed.



I think its becasue they like me. ;)


I respect your opinion greatly. We obviously will have to agree to disagree. But keep posting and keep reading! Your a gentleman and a scholar.

George Templeton

Eileen the reason those Senators you named voted yes is because a no vote probably would have doomed them in the primary.

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