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March 28, 2007



I'm even more embarrassed that Jim Webb is our Senator. Let call this what it is: macaca karma!


You view is correct Chris. I said in my first post that he should lose his CCP. Webb showed the same negligence that others have in the past. His did not result in a kid being killed but it did result in a felony arrest.
This story is big in rural Virginia. What most see is Jim Webb receiving special treatment for his negligence. As I said before - If this had been Kilo and Chris the story we both would be facing charges.


No, he's not embarrassing me. It's totally unclear what the facts are in the first place. If it was in a bag in his car and the staff member took the wrong bag then that's not Webb's fault.


DOn't you find it odd that 3 days after the fact, we're still unclear about what the facts are? Shouldn't this be a pretty easy thing to explain?


That's all up to the staff member to decide. If he doesn't want to "explain" everything to the media then that's his prerogative. Webb has already said he doesn't know how he ended up with the gun.


How on earth does a gun owner not know how his gun is at all times? Webb needs to come clean.

I feel so bad for Philip Thompson, he deserves better than Jim Webb.


Chris- Like you said Chris, you're not a gun owner.

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