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March 09, 2007


Riley, Not O'Reilly

Now this is a candidate I could get excited about.


I think Republicans in general are looking for a candidate just like Thompson who we could get behind and support with a good conscience. Why not? Instant name id and actual conservative credidentials to back up the Republican name unlike the other major candidates.


. . . and JUST independent enough not to be tied to close to Bush (supported McCain and voted for campaign-finance).

George Templeton

I would consider supporting McCain-Feingold a big negative, but the rest of the resume is pretty good.


Remember guys, I think conservatives need to be carefull. Every candidate that is putting themselves forward, everyone is quick to find one thing wrong with them. Like I posted above, if we are spend all our time looking for perfection, we wil miss the candidates that are good.

George Templeton

Well if that is the case where is the negative with Duncan Hunter when it comes to issues (I know about his questions on name ID and ability to fund raise)?


Very Presidential, very electable -


I hope to hear his stance on other issues (immigration, taxes...) very soon.

Jim Hoeft

We could use another actor to become president. The last one turned out pretty good.

John Roach

Fred Thompson / Duncan Hunter! This would be my favorite combo, with Thompson giving Hunter the ability to raise funds, Hunter shoring up the conseritive side that Thompson's dealing with McCain brought into question.
Finally I could vote for a presidential ticket without holding my nose... first time since Pres. Reagan!!


Oh God yes! Run Fred, Run!

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