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April 30, 2007


Not Larry Sabato

I NEVER attacked McDonnell for going to Regent or for employing people who did. I attacked him for saying in the interview that he picked the school from watching a TV show. That was pathetic.


I think it is a little troubling that so many regent grads work at DOJ and the AG's office. I say that not because regent is an evangelical christian school, but because its barely accredited and has very low standards for admission. I would say the same thing about Applachian School of Law (which I don't think has any religious affiliation).


OK Ben, I watched the video. What McDonnell said is this:

"Well I saw this guy named Pat Robertson on the 700 Club talking about this fine university in Virginia Beach and being a native Virginian I thought 'what a great place to learn the foundational principles of our country in a Christian atmosphere and to be able to use that to serve the public.' I though what a grat place to train and so it was a great decision and the princples I've learned here have taken me forward in my public life.

Where in that quote did McDonnell say (a) I picked Regent by watching television, or (b) that he is "using the Attorney General's office as some kind of promotional material for Regent School of Law?"

WHAT HE DID SAY was that the 700 Club first exposed him to Regent. To make the leap of judgement you are is to take the quote entirely literally - as if to assume that a man who graduated from BU nd Notre Dame is incapable of researching a univeristy.

And what is exectly is so wrong with finding out about a University by television? How many big schools use television ads to make themselves know? And thos are the big schools. Regent, a relatively new Law School, has to do this to make strides.

What your doing is taking a quote that does not mean what you claim to indirectly attack the AG's judgement. Your language is so vague that you can calim you didn't, but the quote in the video does NOT match the intention you emphasis on it. Sorry. Your agrument is disengenious at beast and near-malicious at worse.


I learned about Georgetown by watching college basketball. I guess its a good thing I didnt choose to go to college there.

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