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June 27, 2007


Spank That Donkey

Maybe if the General Assembly in general would have prioritized its spending over the last decade... doubled budget... 12% increase in population inflation on 2-4% a year... transportation funding would not be an issue?

The 'Senate Leadership' is how we have gotten into this mess...

It's called re-prioritizing spending... where have the surpluses gone? all to transportation or split up as a goodie bag?

This abusive driver fee's bill... or is it the remedial fee's moniker.. is nothing more than a bone thrown to the lawyers... if you are facing a $750 annual fee for three years to DMV if convicted... are you more likely to hire a lawyer?

Let's all get a grip, and if we had some Leadership in this state... Thanks for helping the Senate Leadership former Sentor Allen, among others....

WE Republicans wouldn't be in this mess..

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Howell is smoking something. Did Howell's cost revenue analysis take into account the following:

- the new bureacracy required to administer this program (it can't be done with the existing number of state workers)
- the increased numbers of driving on suspended charges from people who can't pay fines and will then be in the system
- the fact that this will drive more people to trial instead of pleas and the costs that will create in terms of judges, clerks, prosecutors, and deputies
- the fact that it will drive FINE (the part imposed by judges) revenue down which takes money from the state Literary Fund
- the increased numbers of court appointed attorneys/public defenders to defend all of these driving on suspended arrestees
- how does he defend not including non-Virginian/undocumented residents/documented permanent residents among those who should pay these fees?

The states he mentions as precedent have much more modest fees than Virginia's. This entire thing was a half-baked, gerrymandered scheme to accomplish an objective that they were never designed for. Part of it is just stealing more money from the General Fund (the Literary Fund) and putting it into roads (after running it through some entirely new bureaucracy). For a political party that is supposed to be about small government, fiscal conservatism, and decries government nannyism this whole thing reeks of hypocrisy.

This plan, was a scheme foisted to raise revenue so Albo, Devolites, O'Brien, Rust, et al. could say they did something. It was not a plan with an objective of safety.


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