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June 23, 2007


Not Larry Sabato

I don't mean to be snarky, but maybe read the law before you endorse it next time?


I still endorse it, becasue a ton of good will come of it as well.

And yes, you do mean to be snarky.

Jonathan Strong

I'm absolutely incensed about this development. In my mind, traffic laws are often perversely strict but are seldom enforced with modest penalties, making the situation livable. But that all changes with these humongous fines. Does anyone know of the full list of offenses which carry these fines?

Not Jack Herrity

Chris: Greg L. is flat wrong. Just because Bob Marshall says it does not mean it is gospel.


Not Jack Herrity

Chris: You should also think critically about what the lawyers are saying. Go sit in traffic court sometime. The abuser fees are heaviest on misdemeanor and felony crimes such as reckless driving and DUI. Many people already hire lawyers to defend them in these cases because they are criminal offenses and the statutes allow for jail time (up to one year).

A first-offense reckless driving conviction, for instance, is usually subject to a court fine and a suspended jail sentence. This is a misdemeanor that stays on your criminal record, and that's why people hire lawyers to defend them in these types of cases. Most of the people who can afford to hire lawyers don't care about paying additional fees, they just don't want the conviction to go on their permanent record.

As for the guys who get the fee based on points, most of them are so far gone that they're hiring lawyers just to keep more points from going on their driving records. Most of these "habitual offenders," as Albo calls them, are probably not insurable anyway. The plain facts are that if these bad drivers are hiring lawyers, it's not because of the abuser fees. It's because there are other penalties that kick in such as insurance cancellation, jail time, and a criminal record that make people want to avoid these types of convictions.


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