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July 06, 2007



What piece of legislation did he author in the Senate? Thompson is not Ronald Reagan. You've been watching too much Law & Order.I admit he would be formidable because of the likeability factor but this isn't 2000. What state does Thompson pick up? I don't think the GOP can win Ohio.

At least Reagan had a record as Governor of Cali to run on.

On your conservative American theory, are you talking about the Presidency? You may have a point with that although with your theory Kennedy, and Carter should not have won.

If it's not just about the Presidency then why did the Democrats hold congress for 40 years? I believe that the country is 50-50, and it can oscillate 51-49 either way.


I agree that Thompson is probably your strongest candidate in terms of image. It will be interesting to see how Iowa is shaping up around September. If Romney is still hanging on there, or if McCain makes a resurgence now that he has really taken over the expectations game, things could get interesting.

But the country is not majority conservative- unless by that you mean the simplistic- "are you liberal or conservative?" poll questions. I will readily admit that your party has done a great job of cartoonishly defining those terms. But when you actually ask people where they stand on issues the majority is certainly not conservative as you and I would define it. But those are just details right?

200 Grande

Although Thompson is a good candidate, he lacks the executive experience a candidate like Giuliani brings to the table.
Hopefully, once he gets into the race, Thompson can better acquit himself than he did in his June 6, 2007 interview with Larry Kudlow:


One would think that, given his legal background and expertise, Thompson would be better able to explain himself on an issue such as tort reform.


No, he doesn't scare us. He makes us laugh and smirk. And his wife will make the conservatives cringe. Fake boobs don't mix with the White House, sorry.

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