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November 13, 2007


Bryan J. Scrafford

I did a few canvasses for Janet's campaign and they did the same thing. Whenever I went out, I had lit for both Janet and Rex or Janet and Chuck. There was also at least one canvass that involved Mike McClanahan's campaign as well.

Don't undervalue Cuccinelli's consistent constituent service. While he may not be an ideological fit for his district, he does do all the right things during the GA and after the GA and I think that paid off.

L. Douglas Wildest

While I don't necessarily dispute your conclusions, your analysis of the "safe" rating of the seats is incorrect. Based on recent election results, JMDD had the toughest district, O'Brien the second toughest, and Cuccinelli the easiest of the three.

JMU Duke

Campaign coordination can be valuable in a lot of instances, especially when the candidates are on the same page. JMDD would not have done well to have been included with Arthur Purves and Gary Baise as she ran against Chap!.

I think this is an interesting take on the race, although I do think a lot of the responsibility does fall with the Democrats for allowing the glaringly obvious problems with the Oleszek campaign to persist. Also, Ken has always been known as a fantastic campaigner, he deserves credit for getting the votes he needed this year. I don't think he'll get over the top 4 years from now, which is why we all think he'll make an effort to head to Richmond beforehand.

Chris - Mason Conservative

JMU Duke, I agree to a point. But I think Camp Davis made a big mistake, in hindsight, not challenging Shannon, Bulova, and Sickles with strong candidates (not Pervs). Its clear Democrats were going to turn out and strong delegate candidates would have helped Jeannemarie's Republican problem.

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