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November 19, 2007


Saxman is a joke

Saxman is pulling a publicity stunt, a very dangerous publicity stunt, to try and get exposure for a run for Lt. Governor. His people are admittedly planning to take a dive to Warner if they got that far as long as Saxman get exposure for a statewide run down the road.

While it's all fun and theoretical to speculate on Saxman winning, the fact is that people will not turn out for an "anti" candidate and Saxman has no organization or support to be a legitimate threat to Gilmore's nomination.

Saxman needs to pack his bags, he has no shot and all he is doing is holding up the campaign against Mark Warner.

Anonymous Is A Woman

I'm not going to comment on internal Republican discussions. Your primary is definitely your business. But I will say my one encounter with Chris Saxman, via emails this summer, left me with the impression that the man is a class act.

I may not agree with him at all about the issues, but I have a lot of respect for him and I tend to think that if he's considering running, he's sincere about it and considering it for the best of reasons, because he thinks he could bring value to the race and the job.

Don Quixote

While technically true that he showed up at the various national Republican organizations, what he fails to mention is that he wandered in completely unannounced and basically got laughed out of DC.


I don't know the first thing about Chris Saxman but I think Saxman would be a far superior choice for you guys to Gilmore. Before Virginia Republicans will have any hope of recovery ya'll will have to first stop re-playing the lost fights of yesterday.


I guess I'm not sure how nominating Gilmore is replaying the lost fights of yesterday, since he has never, ever been defeated in Virginia.

Chris - Mason Conservative

He ws in 2001. Sure he wasn't on the ballot, but Mark Warner ran against him. Not to mention, Gilmore was RNC Chairman at the time.


So Chris, which candidate will you want to get into the race if Gilmore backs out and Saxman takes the reins? So far you've backed Davis then Gilmore, then Cantor, now Saxman.

Do you actually support anyone or do you bounce back and forth between candidates after some random person tells you something negative about them?

Not to mention your presidential flip-flopping.


I think a potentially Saxman, Cantor, Pace, ect, ect, ect, shows a real disconnect between the grassroots and a now declared Gilmore candidacy. Most folks I know think Gilmore as a 0% chance of winning and will probably repeat the same mistakes of the old guard. Like it or not Mark Warner comes off as being nonpartisan many times and the public even if they are right leaning likes this about our former Governor. If Gilmore does indeed get the nomination I would be very concerned that some prominent Republicans will switch sides or stay on the sidelines in this crucial race dues to burned bridges in years past. Its a real shame and disappointment someone more qualified like Cantor, Forbes, or Goodlatte won't challenge for this historical seat.

George Templeton

It may be the equivalent of a Hail Mary pass, but Chris Saxman is a real conservative and might be worth a try as the GOP tries to rebuild in Va.
He can unite the party based on the two tent poles of the GOP. The first and most important (and the one that has been ignored to this party's everlasting detriment) is being fiscally conservative (restrain spending, restrain taxes, make gov't lean and efficient).
Saxman also is a social conservative, so that base of the party would be happy with them.
If this party is united behind him then anything is possible. As someone who was in the House during the Mark Warner governorship and if he voted no on that tax increase (and I think he did), he maybe the best person to challenge Gov. Warner's tax increase and the supposed good it did. That in my view is one of the top priorities of any GOP candidate that wants to defeat Gov. Warner.


Amen brother

The first and most important (and the one that has been ignored to this party's everlasting detriment) is being fiscally conservative (RESTRAIN SPENDING, restrain taxes, MAKE GOV'T LEAN AND EFFICIENT).

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