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December 05, 2007



It's amazing what a pass Mark Warner seems to get, from just about everyone. I can't wait to see him to try to dance around the immigration issue.


It will be interesting, if Hillary is the Democrats' Presidential candidate, how much Warner tries to run away from her.

John Stiz

Keep dreaming you dumb GOP hacks....Warner is going to KILL Gilmore. Virginians like myslef remember Gilmore's horrible leadership, hell I could tell you what Warner would say.

No amount of dredging up of the GOP-trifecta (Hillary, Mexicans, and Taxes) will erase the fact Virginia LIKED Warner's leadership and DISLIKED Gilmore's.

And if Gilmore thinks Hillary will get him elected he deserves to lose....if you have to depend on someone else for victory, you're basically saying you're a failure.

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