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January 10, 2008



Barring any major scandals or maccaca like mistakes by Mark Warner this race will not be close in the end. Right now Gilmore has much bigger "fish to fry" with Marshall's candidacy.
If Marshall really get his campaign going, he is going to cause all sorts of problems for Gilmore, especially in a convention setting. Believe me, the Gilmore folks really know its a problem. If Marshall pulls the social conservatives (pro-life, and Marriage Amendment crowd) away from Gilmore, it could spell big trouble.

I certainly hope Gilmore or the GOP nominee wins and will work extremely hard for the nominee but even most grassroots Republicans I talk to don't have a good feeling about Gilmore or this race.

Spank That Donkey

mytwocents might want to keep a close eye on http://www.bloggers4jimgilmore.blogspot.com/

the case is building day by day...It is going to take a candidate with statewide name recognition (Gilmore as AG and Gov.) who has won twice in NOVA to beat Warner.

Not to mention Gilmore is a proven fighter on the statewide campaign trail... I agree with Chris, (obviously) that Hillary or Obama will be a drag on Warner.... There is a reason that the State Democratic party chairman is an Edwards fan....

Warner has zip credibility on national security, is not a Veteran, promised not to raise taxes, and promised to end the car tax in his first or second year as governor much less not raise taxes altogeher.

Warner did nothing for Transportation, where Gov. Gilmore pumped $6 Billion in new bucks into the program! Warner did nothing... except bush SB708 with it's massive tax increases.... When it gets laid out on paper, Warner did nothing... the people will see that Gov. Gilmore had a plan and enacted a plan.....

The looming recession will also be a boon for Gov. Gilmore, NOVA is rich, loves their big houses and their cars.... who do you think they will trust to not raise their taxes on the Federal level.....

We are running against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi my friend.... and we are going to win with Gov. Gilmore...

keep an eye on B4G...

George Templeton

Spank That Donkey brings up an important point. Whoever the nominee is will have to be willing to attack and be able to attack Warner's governor record. They will have to do the work in both ads and speeches to unravel the myths around the Warner term and show it for what it was. And if it is Gilmore will he be able to answer when Warner says "But you left me this mess!"

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