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February 06, 2008


Old Zach

Good analysis, but I do have a couple questions? What about the African-American vote? Do you think this federal employee and women vote will outweigh the huge advantage Obama will have in the urban centers? I think Missouri is instructive in that case, where Clinton won virtually every county between Kansas City and St. Louis, but lost the state. Also, what about the rural white Democrats in SWVA who might have gone for Edwards (call them the "Mudcat vote")? Might they go for Obama as well?


Mudcat vote is a good question. Do they go with Obama, Hillary, vote in the R primary or just not show up. Obama most likely wins Hpt. Roads. Agreed that Hillary's strength is in NOVA but there are a lot of young high tech types up there that may go with Obama. Personally, I like McCain (although not a Republican).

One good thing for all is that VA's vote counts this year instead of it being over before we vote.

Spank That Donkey

I Love it Chris... Mr Limited Government, John McPain will do well with all the Federal Employees... Absoulutely, because he talks out of both sides of his mouth...

If Virginia doesn't reject McPain the nation is in serious trouble...

Have you considered that Conservatives much older than you have been tired of McPain's BS for a long time now, just due to exposure?

Come on down here for a week and hang out with us, you might get a different perspective than you get hanging out in NOVA. No disrespect, I think you are just getting a little too comfortable up thar in NOVA...

Chris Beer

Spanky, I've been born and raised in NOVA. This is my home.

I would say that perhaps the rest of VIrginia should come up here for a week to see what ist like.

I just realized I don't know how the primaries are set up -- would I go to my normal polling place no matter which party's candidate I am voting for? Thank you.

Simon Oliver Lockwood

Just got a pro-Huckabee push poll in NoVa. The questions dealt with immigration, taxes, & life. The final questions dealt with Mark Warner vs Jim Gilmore. No disclamer in the call either.

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