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April 20, 2008


Watch Dog

So...no wonder is was revealed this week that Hager's campaign is being run out of the offices of a state Republican Party vendor who has received over $4 million in "no-bid" money from the party coffers.

A growing number of GOP activists are starting to scream about an obvious conflict of interest. Someone serving as Chairman of the GOP should never have a financial arrangement with the party’s biggest contractor and most members of the party should be very worried if there is even an “appearance” of impropriety between the head of the GOP and a major vendor.


Watch Dog, when did this sort of conflict become a concern in the GOP? You must have slept through the Tom DeLay era. This sort of thing is standard operating procedure in the Republican Party.

J. Tyler Ballance

The RPVA is not a government agency supported by tax dollars, so they are free to develop long standing business relationships with any vendor. In the real world, where I live, businesses routinely keep on dealing with the vendors whom they have built a trusting relationship; they don't need to care about someone else seeing that relationship as being "too cozy" or bearing an "appearance of impropriety."

In the real world of private business, you work with the people who are loyal and with whom you trust.

If a top quality vendor is doing business with the RPVA, there is absolutely no reason for candidates not to also do business with that, or similar vendors.

Would you prefer our Republican candidates hire incompetent firms, or perhaps firms who are "too cozy" with the Democrats?

You are confused, if you think that a private entity, such as the RPVA is obligated to hold open bids for contracts, the way a municipality does.

I am a "GOP activist" and I don't know anyone of my fellows who are "starting to scream" as you write, about any conflict of interest, because there isn't any.

As for Senator Hanger, he is up front about his disagreements with various political factions. From all of the evidence that I have seen, he takes the forthright approach of stating his views publicly and he stands by what he says.

Those who seem to enjoy sniping at him seem to always do so behind fake names or anonymous posts. What a bunch of cowards.

I support Jeff Frederick for Chairman because I think it is time to pass the leadership of our Party on to a new generation.

For those who want to oust some of our incumbents, I urge you to hold public and honest discussions about the issues and insist that the incumbents and challengers describe their ideas for real solutions to the real problems that we face, and DO NOT tolerate a bunch of feel good, empty platitudes, like, "I am pro family" "I am for lower taxes", "I chose Life" or "Keep hope alive." That is all feel good BS and it does not address specific issues.

Here's an example: Some groups advocate across the board tax cuts. While well intentioned, this sort of procedure punishes the well managed, efficient agency while rewarding the gal who padded her budget all along. Targeted cuts are the way to go, with an honest appraisal of whether the People can do without some of these so-called "services" that we supposedly have been getting.

That "No Tax" pledge caused the legislators to come up with the much hated RTAs and "abuser fees." Next, they will want to sprout toll plazas all over our roads, creating more travel delays and accidents. This is not a viable solution.

Sometimes a collective tax increase is the most efficient and fair way to pay for an improvement in infrastructure. I think Emmett Hanger understands this core concept and some of our Republicans are so knee-jerk programmed against any form of tax, they overreact in the negative without clearly analyzing the alternatives.

What Gives?

Wow. I don't know what to say.

J. Tyler Ballance spends an entire post talking about what's wrong with the all-slogan, ineffective type.

If he hadn't stated his support for him in the middle I would have sworn he was thinking of Frederick.



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Watch Dog

Dan...you're missing the point on the vending issue. Our direct mail through the party has become a JOKE because there is no competition and an inferior product has become the norm. If you can't address these expensive disasters from the 2007 campaign during this RPV Chairman's race then when can these things be discussed?

I'm fine with using vendors who have a relationship with the leadership except when they have become fat and lazy and could care less if the junk with which they stuff mailboxes moves votes or not.

Some vendors have close relationships (too close) with the people who hand out the contracts....and that just blows. Yes...I guess it does make things great (hypothetically of course..haha) if a direct mail vendor's wife is high up enough at RNC so contracts can be steered in the right direction with no oversight and no competition.

This is a major reform at RPV that needs to happen now before we lose it all in 2009. It's simple to fix if you just open up the contracts to more vendors with a fair bidding process and some sort of process to make sure the RPV mail actually does some good in winning votes.

Watch Dog

oh..and J. Tyler Ballance...you refer to RPV as RPVA. That shows how much of an "activist" you are...the Democrats are DPVA.......Republicans are RPV. Are you even a Republican? I seem to remember some of your blog posts throughout the year that would suggest otherwise.

I am not a fan of Hager and have not been thrilled with him as chairman. To me, he is part of an old guard that keeps hanging around but that isn't serving us well on a macro level. I considered supporting Frederick, until I went to hear him speak. He was sort of just spouting platitudes (versus concrete ideas) and I didn't get the feeling he could offer any better than Hager can and I feared he might divide more than bring Republicans together. I'm not sure who will get my support at the state convention, but I'm leaning back towards Hager now. A lot of people I know who intend to go the state convention tell me they are similarly undecided, but leaning toward Hager. Also, I wish the RPV chairman's race would not delve into sniping of one candidate against the other. That's the last thing we need. Both of them can tell me their IDEAS and then I guess I (and anyone else feeling like me about this) will decide when we vote.

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