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August 19, 2008


Mimi Schaeffer

And when Republicans lose Davis's safe seat and John Warner's old Senate seat, maybe you'll start to understand why Davis is a tad piffed. The party of Lincoln has been taken over by a bunch of loonies from the right.

A couple of more losing election cycles in Virginia and nationally and maybe the party will go back to its centrist roots when many Dems voted Republican with the right candidate.


If Tom Davis is mad at conservatives, he's mad at the wrong people. There were plenty of us rearing to go for him at the Richmond convention this year, and as Jim Gilmore's close victory of a state delegate proves, he was vunerable.

Things are easy when your running unopposed or win by 30 points. When things got tough, Tom Davis went home. Jim GIlmore didn't. And maybe Gilmore gets demolished in November, but he made a fight out of this race when not one major player in the state GOP would. Not Cantor, Forbes, Drake, Allen, Warner, Bolling, McDonnell - none of them took on this fight. Gilmore did. So if Tom Davis is angry, he should be angry at himself.


your post nails exactly how I feel.

J. Tyler Ballance

Any citizen who supports good Republican candidates at least SOME OF THE TIME, are welcome in the GOP. We have no 100% loyalty oath or test, we only ask that members be in general agreement with the principles laid out in the Republican Creed.

Tom Davis faithfully served Virginia and deserves our thanks. He is, like all of our citizens, to choose not to support a particular candidate, such as the dour, "Lock em up and throw away the key" Jim Gilmore. Davis knew that a Convention would likely be rigged to prevent him from winning and many Bob Marshall supporters saw the old machinery in action. It sure looked like monkey business, though nobody is likely to confirm anything untoward was done to guarantee the nomination for Gilmore.

Rather than focus on what divides us, we should strengthen what can unite us, and not rely on that lame tactic of threatening citizens with doom should a Democrat get elected; we need a positive, upbeat message of a brighter future, built on real solutions.

When is the last time anyone heard a Republican describe proposed specific program cuts that would reign-in our government and ENHANCE our LIBERTY?

Instead, we get marketing slogans, like "Drill here, Drill now!" What crap!

As for all the talk of looming failure for the Gilmore campaign, Virginia remains a conservative state. Most Virginians don't know how anti-civil libertarian Gilmore is, nor do they know that he was a Bush lackey and still supports warrantless searches and imprisonment of US citizens without trial. With most of the citizens remaining so poorly informed and disinclined to vote, Gilmore could still win this election. In Virginia, the "blue-hairs" make up about 35% of the people who actually vote and Gilmore will get nearly all of the senile citizen vote, without spending a penny. All Gilmore needs is an additional 15% from the general voting population to beat Ms Colis' husband.

Mark Warner has to spend MILLIONS to even have the hope of getting near a victory. Gilmore can spend next to nothing and still win, just by counting on the blue-hairs and a small percentage of voters who perhaps don't like the Warner's wife doesn't use his name, or that Warner is not really a Virginian, or even a "moderate."

Spank That Donkey

Your cynicism is a welcome change as it does illustrate an attitude of winning this election.

All these Republicans who lost in the playoffs.. Davis, Marshall, and their supporters truly need to get beyond their egos, or whatever 'other agenda' they have in mind by not supporting our nominee.

Jim Gilmore has a proven record of Conservative values, and would vote nearly identical to George Allen's term in office.

Does Tom Davis, Marshall, John Warner etc. have a problem with that?

The attitude that I am developing is that if all these 'Conservatives' who think that Gilmore and that Senate seat is expendable.. well they themselves are expendable to me if they don't help Gilmore financially and campaign for him.

I am supporting John McCain for President... I fiercely blogged against his candidacy.... get this I got over it... every time Obama opens his mouth.

Bottom Line Gilmore gave the GOP control of the General Assemly for the first time since Reconstruction...

Mark Warner tricked them into raising taxes, and subsequently we lost the Senate majority.

What part of that fact are all these Conservatives confused on? Warner lies that he won't raise taxes to get into office, lies about a budget shortfall to get a tax increase.

What part of all of this is not adding up if everyone were to just step back and think about it?

Crystal Clear Conservative

Spank That Donkey's comments echo mine exactly.

NoVA Scout

From the quoted exchange, it seems like Davis was trying to protect Gilmore. He was asked directly if Gilmore was a centrist Republican. Rather than answering directly, he changed the subject and focussed on M. Warner, pointing out that Warner has grabbed the center of the electorate, at least up here in NoVA. Give Davis credit for avoiding the thrust of the question. If he had wanted to do a dirty deed toward Gilmore, he would have just said "No, of course not."

I am sure that there is no love lost between Davis and Gilmore. However, much as I support Davis and as much as I truly, truly wish he were our Senate candidate, I don't hang on his every word. Nor should any of you. And nor should any candidate or prospective candidate.

I enjoyed J. Tyler Ballance's post. I don't expect every Republican to feel 100% the same way as you, me, Davis, Gilmore, Marshall, McCain, Paul, Fimian, or any other Republican human being you or I would name off the top of our heads. I think unless our nominee is a total and absolute loser, we ought to try to cheer for the home team better than we do.

I do think Davis has fallen short in that cheering for his team department. And I agree with Spank that Donkey, although my sports analogy would be a little different. Davis and Marshall were a scratch and lost in the qualifying round, respectfully, let's say. Doesn't mean they shouldn't encourage their teammates who made it to the finals and who have a shot at winning individual gold.

Politics, like every other competitive aspect of life, is a place where we could all use a little better sportsmanship. You win some, you lose some. When you win one, you don't showboat. When you lose one, you don't storm off the field. In the media, Davis is coming off as someone who is "this close" to storming off the field. I don't believe that is who he is, but I believe that he could probably thwart that unfortunate perception with a couple well-placed "go team" op/eds or stuff of that nature where he can speak in paragraphs and not in sound bites that are picked and chosen by the interviewer for publication.

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