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September 29, 2008



That would make sense if Cantor had voted no. Cantor lost points with conservatives today, not to mention close to 80% of Americans who are against a bailout.


Well he's in the leadership, so they voted for it.

But I don't think Boehner, Cantor, or Blunt spent much time twisting arms. I think Cantor's vote was something he had to do because he was a part of the leadership and the leadership had agreed on this. Its not an excuse but its more of an explaination of the vote.


Everyone I know was against the bailout, from the local parish priest to the corner convenience store clerk.

Usually I don't agree with Eric Cantor but this time I do. Time will tell whether or not he made the right decision.

D.J. McGuire

So it was Nancy's hubris that spared us this debacle?

And they say there's no God!


Chris, I'm not against Cantor, just disappointed in his vote my friend. I fully understand your opinion and reply to my comment.
What I see is a rush to get this passed and that bothers me. The market recovered today half of what was lost yesterday. I lost money...a lot of money, but I still oppose the bailout and Cantor should of also. The overseas markets did just fine...Cantor messed up with his vote yesterday and the people are watching. For many in my area this was the first time they heard his name and he voted against what they believe is right. I really really expected better from him.
He has conservative rock star potential, but this vote will stick with him. I hope he can recover by leading in safe guarding a bill that we approve of. Keep the money at home. Hold those responsible accountable. The bottom line is he now questions Pelosi's leadership...the same leadership he voted to follow. I am very disappointed.


Good luck trying to sell that. 133 Republicans voted against it. Or to put it in even clearer terms - roughly 60% of Dems voted for it while 67% of Republicans voted against it.

But keep pushing the desperate nuance, that's a sure-fire winning strategy. Hahahaha.

George Templeton

I called Cantor's office to register my disappointment with his vote. The House Republicans came up with a better plan, its time to start selling it the American people.

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