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December 08, 2008



The Republican party will evolve and move forward. Or it will cease. I guess not everyone has figured out yet that the big meteor has hit and that the dinos' days are numbered.

200 Grande

You said it, dawg! Well-put!


The Advance is an absolute waste of time! I came to this conclusion right after the Allen election. The Advance has become a social gathering for a bunch of "out of touch" political losers to drink, complain, and socialize. What galls me the most is to watch folks position themselves for fancy titles associated with the a losing effort. It like watching folks plot and scheme for first class seats on the sinking Titanic. .....How sad and pathetic.

P.S. I am sad to hear that many of the YRs are frustrated. There goes another demographic that the Party is losing.

P.S.S. I heard that the majority of the minority GOP did not turn out too.


Known Disenter

I'd like to see a post on why in God's name anyone puts faith in or belongs to either political party.

Archibald Mercer

To assume that all the votes that went to Obama will continue to go towards the Democrats is risky to say the least. The reality of the excess half million who came out is that they were an energized youth base who cared about the rpesidential election, followed by an out pouring of people who were oppossed to Bush and saw McCain as their punching bag. Odds are, the numbers are going to be much lower. if the Democrats hope to repeat these same numbers a second time around, they will be sorely disappointed.


Nice Post Chris sums up what I am have been trying to say for the past couple years since I moved here

Hopefully we can take what McDonnell/Herritty are doing in terms of energy and solutions oriented campaigning and start a new chapter. Staying the course is the road to extinction.

P.S. I was born in 1981 also



Ok those things are partially true but sitting back and saying everything is fine is exactly why we have lost the past couple years.

Furthermore people tend to continue to vote the same way. See the Regan Generation and the fact that even today people in the 35-50 demographic are more conservative and Republican than the rest of the population. Giving up on an entire generation is extremly shortsighted.

Crystal Clear Conservative

I agree with your statements. You made some great points.

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