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December 03, 2008


The Northern Virginia Conservative

Sort of like what the Ron Paul campaign did at last year's Advance. I'm a big fan of Paul, but I didn't appreciate them doing that.

Fairfax Insider

How do you feel about the fact that neither McDonnell nor Bolling want Cucinnelli on the ballot with them?


I don't particularly like it, but its also not their call is it? Its up to the party at the stat convention, isn't it? Haven't we had enough of this preordained tickets after losing over and over?

Besides, once they see the base excitement and organization Ken brings I think they will get over it.

200 Grande

Fairfax Insider,

What proof do you have to purport as a fact that McDonnell or Bolling do not want Cuccinelli on the ticket? Notwithstanding blog-trolls such as yourself, neither has made any statement to that effect.

Care to enlighten us?


You mean Brownlee is doing the exact same thing candidate for LG and AG did four years ago?

Yeah, Chris, Joe is right. This seems like YOU are "cherry picking" an activity that previous candidates have done, just to cover a personal bias that you have for Cuccinelli. If you support Cooch, fine, but at least give us a better reason or reasons than, "Brownlee is paying supporters to vote in a straw poll."

The real question is, if you are using this tactic to try and smear Brownlee, what are you hiding about your support for Cooch??


Here is the proof that McDonnell is in the bag for Brownlee. McDonnell uses Phil Cox, the senior vice-president of Americans for Prosperity, as his consultant. So does Brownlee. McDonnell is Cox's biggest client. Of course McDonnell is behind the Brownlee campaign, you would be brain dead to deny it.

Steve Shannon is an instantly likeable fellow who is a natural at campaigning. I've had neighbors who put out yard signs for the Republican candidates + Steve. He's a lot like Chap as far as garnering crossover voters. Neither of them are extreme people. Of course, statewide office is a little tougher than running in just one district where you have deep roots.

Still, I have to ask which of the THREE Republican candidates will be able to run against Steve most effectively. Steve's got fine qualifications. You have to have someone as good as him, but with some added appeal. I do not know enough about all three Republican AG candidates to pick right now. I think I lean toward Cuccinelli, but I also believe Shannon will be a difficult guy to beat.


For those of you that couldn't make it to the Fairfax Meeting this week. All 3 candidates spoke. All of them did a really nice job. It should be an excellent debate session for those that are going to the Advance. I'm saying all this so people keep an open mind throughout this process


As a Cucc supporter I have no problem with what Brownlee is doing to organize for the advance.

Straw polls are often a way for candidates to get publicity and to demonstrate their ability to organize and fundraise. Straw polls are not a way to sample support from those who would otherwise attend, they are a way to see who can get MORE people to attend.

And especially as we will be nominating at a convention next year, I believe the ability to convince someone to ride a bus to homestead and the ability to raise the funds to provide them with that ride are good measures of the strengh of the candidate.

This is why the Ames straw poll in Iowa before the presidential caucuses can actually eliminate more people than the caucuses - it is all about strength of organization and fundraising. If you can't compete there, you can not compete statewide or nationally.

Of course, if only one candidate organizes and no one else runs or tries to run, sometimes it the results are ignored. But ask Rudy Giuliani if ignoring races he thought were too parochial so he could focus on big, urban states was effective.

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