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May 31, 2009


Moderate Centrist

I wish sometime you'd do a post that explains to us independents why in God's name anyone involves themselves with either party.


200 Grande

To Moderate Centrist,

In essence, either party is a coalition formed to enact an overall agenda. There is a requisite threshold of compatibility between the factions of a successful coalition. Yes, it is very messy and arguably quite ugly.

For independents that are dissatisfied with either party, you ultimately need to choose the one that best fits; if you are still dissatisfied, you need to organize within your chosen coalition and work to advance your faction's particular agenda.

In light of persistent dissatisfaction, you can also talk about a third coalition or party. Of course, there are some good arguments out there (relating to issue-based coalitions as they currently exist in the US) as to why this is not such a viable option.

I've tried to make this as general and as neutral as possible with respect to the Republicans and Democrats. That way, you can look at either party, understand how they exist and behave, and (perhaps most interestingly) how they change or how they can be changed.

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