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August 26, 2009


Jordan Hixon

it definitely was difficult to write about Ted Kennedy today. I did my best not to sound too offensive. Nice job on your part.


I always remember to paraphrase the Bard - we shall never look upon his like again.

Although I did not vote for him and tended to disagree with most of his political positions, he was my Senator for all the years I lived in Massachusetts.

I wish Ted Kennedy peace, I said a prayer for him, and I hope that his family and friends will be given "room" by the media (and everyone else who comes out of the woodwork when a celebrity dies), so that his family and friends can grieve and say good-bye to him as they wish.

major pain

yall seem to be afraid even though he dead. so far all ive seen or heard or READ, with little exception, has been tributes to a beast who was a lying power-mongering murderer not fit to be a leader much less to tributed (in arlington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). This spineless weak kneed attempt to show humanity to one who could not show same is as shameful as the freak jacko tribute.

hey wait a minute. you put freak jacko and dead teddy on the same plateau. now i understand. i take it all back.

yeah the major pain said that

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