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December 01, 2009



I got in line 2125, voted at 2215...50 minutes to vote.

Willie Deutsch

I waited 45 minutes to get down union road. I know of people who waited 2 hours in line to vote, and I bet people didn't end up getting in line because they couldn't get to the place in time to get in line to vote.

A number of people were very upset about the lines, and I tend to agree having lines that long is not a good thing and should have been avoided.


It took me about a half hour just to get through Union Mill Road traffic to park. Then, we were in line for at least an hour. We voted around 9:30 PM. My wife tried to get in twice -- first early, but she was in a hurry to another commitment, and then later, but the length of the line made her decide to go home without voting.

Nothing like keeping an unruly five-year-old in line while standing on line outside for an hour!

Will Patty Reed Endorse Hunt?

For everything we Cucinelli voters did to get Patty Reed elected, we expect her to come out and support Steve Hunt.

So far she is pushing the right agenda.
At our election party she said she only won it because of the republican support. Let's see if she is true to her word.

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