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January 14, 2010



The next Rock Star of the Ages is going to be Scott Brown, if he beats the Kennedy clone. If he doesn't win this time, he'll need just one winning election cycle to emerge. But he'll need to finish the job and then run for President. In the meantime, A Thune candidacy would be appealing.

There is a species in America which believes it knows better than the rest of us, and would like us to simply get out of the way so it can get on with the business of re-making the world as it sees fit. They're in Fairfax County, too. They're the mirror image of the Connelly crowd. Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum.

Scott Brown will be a rock star because he hasn't crawled out of that soup bowl of professional politicians. People are tired of the political class who won't finish the job they were elected to do before running for the next office. Marsden comes to mind. And then Herrity. Vote for me, I'm not Gerry Connolly and I'm tired of being a supervisor already. Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum.

Anyone who can break out of this mold will win Big Time. At the local, state, and national levels.


Doc, I'd cut back on the caffeine if I were you. That was quite a rant!

I find it fascinating that you are already putting an obscure Massachusetts state senator who doesn't have a particularly extensive or distinguished record into the White House. It might cause people to suspect you are on drugs a bit stronger than caffeine. I am also betting you took a much different view of another little known state senator from Illinois who ran for president while serving his first term in the United States Senate.

Also, it is hardly accurate to call Coakley a Kennedy clone. Part of her problem in Massachusetts may well be that she is NOT a conventional liberal in the Kennedy mold. She is a much more measured and less inspiring politician who does not have a particularly good public speaking ability.

The speculation about Thune is far more realistic. And not surprising considering the weak field of Republicans that have been mentioned thus far for 2012. If Republicans think the nomination will be well worth having in 2012 then looking for a decent candidate seems like a timely idea.

I'll throw out another dark horse possibility. Haley Barbour.

He is term limited as Governor and has to leave office in 2011. Perfect timing to begin a presidential campaign. He has the credentials and ability for the job. You can disagree about issues but he is very credible as a potential president.

It might be a liability that he is from Mississippi. The task for the Republican party today is to get back to being both a national and a conservative party. To reverse the slide toward being a party of only one region (the South) and of the looney toon right wing. It might be the wrong year to nominate someone from the Cotton South. A Westerner like Thune has a geographic advantage this time I think.

Keep an eye on Barbour though. Some folks think he might be considering a run. And he has formidable political skills and connections like nobody else.

I can't think of a better choice (even if he were to lose to Obama) for beginning to lead the Republican party away from its current state and back toward sanity and electoral viability. Which in the long haul is the bigger job and more significant than the outcome of the 2012 election.

Steven Osborne


Thune has some strong credentials, however, the TEA Parties are possibly going to be a dominant force, and if Thune is the establishment favorite, that might not be the best position to be in.

As a social conservative, I would also like to know, if he had any part in that disastrous compromise which gave us the Hate Crimes law. If he played a part in that compromise, which was made to bring his bill to the floor, then he may face some scrutiny in Iowa and South Carolina.


I think Thune can thread the needle. The Establishment candidate, IMO, is either Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty.

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Scott Brown will be a rock star because he hasn't crawled out of that soup bowl of professional politicians. People are tired of the political class who won't finish the job they were elected to do before running for the next office.

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local gop

i said it once and i'll say it again. the TP is running on anger...anger will not last past 2010...i would not expect them to be much more than a minor player in 2012.


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