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October 03, 2010



"Rush Limbaugh for years has said over and over that the most important voter in America is the white male"

Chris, I think your first mistake is attributing too much importance to anything Rush Limbaugh has to say. His bloviating will have little to do with whatever success the Republican party has going forward.

Limbaugh's audience is primarily white males. Rush Limbaugh says what he says to play to his audience and make money. (Nothing wrong with that. This is America.). Of course Limbaugh is going to say white men are the most important voters. If his audience was comprised mostly of hispanic women he would be saying that hispanic women are the most important voters (and demography would support that position more strongly).

The "white working class voters don't support Obama" meme predates the 2008 general election. I'm not sure it is any more accurate now than it was then. What polling demonstrates more clearly than anything this year is significant volatility. This is going to be a fascinating election to sift through and do the after action reports on. I think many "experts" are going to look pretty silly and will have missed much with their predictions. But they will continue to be referred to as "experts" and get plenty of air time.

Dan Tucker

Dan's comment that Limbaugh's audience is predominantly white males is indicative of the liberal mindset. They are convinced they know so many facts that just aren't true. Liberals can't handle the truth, it confuses them and scares everyone else.

Dan's comment exposes himself as a fraud and someone who really doesn't listen to Limbaugh.


Dan Tucker, you expose yourself as someone who is oblivious to facts.

It is not an indictment of Limbaugh or his audience to state the simple fact that his audience is primarily white males. I assume you are aware that they have this thing called ratings for radio programs. And that the companies that compile the ratings data break it down demographically. This demographic data shows that Limbaugh's audience is largely male and largely white. This is neither good nor bad. It is simply a fact.

Why you think accurately stating facts is a bad thing remains a mystery. It wouldn't take much effort for you to look for yourself and see that what I said about the demographic makeup of Limbaugh's audience is accurate. But if you are one of Limbaugh's dildoheads I guess you are used to having someone else do your thinking for you.

Ben Greene

Where is the link to your accurate "facts?" If you can't site your facts, it seems like you just made that stuff up.

Who know? You might be plagiarizing your writing from a teleprompter. Or, you might be a thespian.

Show your facts, or STFU.


Ben Greene, not only are you breathtakingly nasty and hostile for no apparent reason, but you are also breathtakingly lazy. A simple google search and you could have learned in a matter of seconds that what I said was completely accurate. Limbaugh's audience is 75% male, 96% Caucasian and 49% is 50 years of age or older. An additional 37% are 35-49. I think that qualifies as being primarily an older white male audience. Don't you? And naturally that is who Limbaugh tailors his message to. It isn't about politics. It is about ratings and making money.

Perhaps you are so used to having your opinions spoon fed to you that you need to have facts spoon fed to you too. Try this web site.


The numbers were last updated on September 28th, They are as current as you are going to get. There are other sites with similar results.

But really, the makeup of his audience, like his rantings, has little relevance to the future success of the Republican Party.

Fact Checker


Those are numbers for his subscriber WEBSITE pulling in a measly 200k people a day on an internet that skews heavily white and male, not numbers for his free RADIO program that can pull in over 20 million listeners in a week.

I'm not necessarily saying that his radio audience is incredibly diverse (I've no evidence either way and anecdotal reason to believe it probably skews white and male, if not overwhelmingly), but ideological websites in general tend to skew heavily white (and somewhat male). It's the damn internet, Dan.

Case in point:

* Daily Kos is 93% white. Their 67% male is only 8 points under rushlimbaugh.com's 75% male.

See here:

* Even the FAR more popular Huffington Post (1-2 million visitors daily, so a wider cross section is to be expected) only manages to get their numbers to 55% male and 87% White.

Are we to conclude that liberals are overwhelmingly white males, too? Of course not - making deographic judgements from the highly skewed demographic samples of websites would be extremely misleading.

C'mon, Dan. You can do better than this.


Fact Checker, I grabbed a link for the lazy commenter above. I feel no need to provide others. I feel no burning need to "prove" something of no particular significance. He can easily find them if he is so inclined.

As I said above, the makeup of Limbaugh's audience is irrelevant. For some unknown reason merely bringing it up brought swift reactions from very hostile trolls. I said nothing negative about either Limbaugh or his audience. I suspect that it was expressing the opinion that Limbaugh is irrelevant to the future success of the Republican Party that set them off.

It isn't like Limbaugh is in the business of persuading people to vote for Republicans. He is in the business of telling his audience exactly what they want to hear in order to maintain ratings. Which is certainly his privilege. He makes a nice living at it. More power to him.


the problem in America right now is that under this current regime when you talk about white male voters the inference now is that if you oppose them (tea party) you are both accused and/or inferred to be racist.

Charlene Armani

So Dan blasts Limbaugh's audience first because it is overwhelmingly white and male. Then when he gets facts shoved up his posterior, Limbaugh's audience suddenly becomes irrelevant.

Dan, you're just wirfless. A typical liberal wimp who's about to drown in a cereal bowl full of milk after choking on a Cheerio.

local gop

I would bother to respond to "Charlene"'s a#* backwards interpretation of Dan's comments, but I m about 99% positive these random first & last name generated one time serial posters are the same person.

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