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October 18, 2010


Not The Mad Hatter

Perhaps we could just repeal the entire Constitution and reinstate the Articles of Confederation. Do you suppose that would make the silly teabaggers happy? Somehow I doubt it. They would still be screaming about the government being tyrannical and the president being a socialist. Imagine that. He gifts billions to the biggest banks and Wall Street firms and they think he is a socialist. Someone should buy these dopes a dictionary.

Just don't tell them honestly that the creators and funders of the teabagger "movement" want to dismantle Social Security. Their heads might explode. I have recently heard right wing talking heads who have just finished promoting the destruction of Social Security then attempt to stir up old folks to vote Republican by blaming the lack of a COLA this year on the Marxist Obama stealing their money rather than on the absence of inflation. Why let consistency or facts get in the way.

Go right ahead and talk nullification. Go ahead and re-fight the battles of the 1830s. What a forward thinking bunch. Perhaps you'd like to re-litigate the abolition of slavery while you're at it.

Trisha Williams

Silly Tea Baggers? You just keep on thinking and wishing and hoping they're silly.

And, while you're hoping they're silly, ask yourself a question. Do you feel lucky?

J. Tyler Ballance

Nullification was a good idea back in 1860, and it still is, at least in theory.

Giving the states the power to nullify a law could help to restore part of the power of the state governments that has been eroding since the War for Southern Independence.

I am surprised that someone has not called for removal of federal supervision of elections in the South. Nobody is any more disenfranchised in the South than they are in Ohio or Chicago.

The Nullification idea sounds good, but coming from Republicans, we had better watch for some sort of criminal twist to the original idea.

An even better reform would be to restrict campaign contributions to only be made by citizens whose primary residence is in a particular district, and only up to the current individual federal limit. No PACS, no corporate, no outside money at all

The only way to ensure that we have liberty is for the citizens to never again trust the Republicans with the leadership of our nation; no, NEVER!



Here is the link to the full article and rationale behind Delegate Marshall's opinion on the Repeal Amendment. It has some challenges that would be tough to tackle, I encourage people to give my old man a few minutes on his op-ed.

new balance

Histories make men wise ; poems witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep ; moral grave ; logic and rhetoric able to contend .


White men in Virginia -- they never give up!!!

keylogger for Mac

LeavingVirginia, are u a white man?

fountain hills limo

I find that honesty. He only do what he knows is right.

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