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October 29, 2010



Actually, the way I've heard it is that:

The difference between a politician & a statesman is that the politician thinks only to the nxt election while a statesman thinks to the nxt generation.

Either way sounds good. Pundits are saying that "ONLY" 90% of congress will be re-elected this year compared to previous elections where 98% are re-elected. SO, is there really going to be much change?

Just read a book that all need to read cause it's about Americans finally taking a stand. It's a thriller but so real & history may be calling on us soon to fulfill our true destiny in life. I recommend it.


It will be interesting to see if the Republicans can fulfill their promises but I'm thinking the problem is so massive that no one will be able to resolve our problems in a 2 yr. period.

Anthony Bedell

Today at FCRC... due to the hard work of our volunteers... over 16,000 calls were made and 98 precincts were walked... more to come on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Needless to say... we are "packing heat" in Fairfax.


Packing heat? Just remember to lead.


I was able to spend my morning today helping out with some lit drops with a couple of friends. It feels right . . .

Archibald Mercer

I voted for Fimian

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