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October 15, 2010


Not Curtis LeMay

Napalming? Interesting choice of word and imagery.

Connolly's soiled pants

Connolly only managed to raise 400k. Since he's already blown a lot of his $1.4 million onhand on that crappy bonus ad I bet he's shitting his pants. He probably also didn't expect American Action Network to drop a million on broadcast against him either.

local gop

Have connolly's numbers come out yet? I checked FEC and his web site and didn't see anything.

It's really sad that outside corporations are permitted to influence elections. doesn't matter what side of the aisle it's for. if a candidate can't get elected on their own merits that really says something about the candidate.

Connolly's soiled pants


You didn't see it Friday because he didn't bother to file until shortly before midnight. Guess he didn't think being outraised over two to one was anything to brag about.

Joe Belleau

I think we can all agree that Gerry Connolly is a fiscal extremist - a fiscal extremist who will stop at nothing as he works tirelessly with Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi to put our children in the hock of hostile foreign governments.

Mr. Connolly's copious borrowing, and wasting, of monies from hostile foreign governments (e.g. Chinese Government) is not only immoral, it is - arguably - a national security concern.

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