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October 19, 2010


Not The Mad Hatter

I'm a little surprised that you excuse this by calling the guy a "left wing blogger" and that you put journalist in quotes. If you had attended a public event and had attempted to ask Gerry Connolly a question he didn't want to answer and he had hired rent-a-cops handcuff you and remove you would that have been okay? Should we all excuse it in that case because many would characterize you as a "right wing blogger"?

You mention that the headlines hurt. It isn't the headlines that are the problem. It is the action. And Miller's bizarre refusal to answer any further questions about his personal or professional background. Not just questions from bloggers. But from anyone. As if his background isn't relevant to the voters of Alaska. They should just shut up and give him six years in the Senate.

You seem to hold people who say the things you want to hear to a very low standard. And it doesn't appear that the ethical question about his service in Fairbanks was a huge deal anyway. He could have addressed it and moved on. Rather than having his rent-a-cops do their Barney Fife routine resulting in bad press and drawing more attention to what he wanted to avoid talking about.

Murkowski will likely hold this seat for the Republicans anyway. So you will lose nothing and be saved the embarrassment.

Can't say that for some of the other teabagger candidates. O'Donnell will cost you a sure thing in Delaware. And Angle will probably cost you one in Nevada. If not she will be a fine example of the depth and character of the teabagger movement.

This is the best you have? Or have you just driven all the conservatives with intellect and character underground with all the insanity?


Sounds like you're in for a surprise in a couple of weeks. If you hurry up, you can still catch a bus to the border. I'm sure you'll feel more comfortable in Mexico or Canada because America will have been captured by a bunch of insane lunatics and teabaggers.

Not The Mad Hatter

Jane, I don't think it is fair of you to refer to Miller as a lunatic. I admit it is amusing to hear him say he thinks we should emulate the former East Germany with regard to border security. And to have a major party candidate announce that he refuses to answer questions about his background is astounding. But that doesn't make him a lunatic. It demonstrates that he is not even close to ready for prime time. But it doesn't make him a lunatic.

I think you are being way too harsh on Miller. In any event the seat will likely remain Republican. Murkowski is surging in the polls.

I also wouldn't paint with the same broad brush you use when it comes to candidates favored by the teabaggers. Marco Rubio certainly is not a lunatic.Christine O'Donnell is batshit crazy. It is a mixed bag.


Methinks the only lunatic in our midst is NTMH.

new balance

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Not The Mad Hatter

Sue, you are probably right. How dare anyone point out how batshit crazy so many of the teabagger candidates are while you are so busy pretending they are fit for office. Even making the distinction between the rational ones who are well qualified like Marco Rubio and the idiots like Christine O'Donnell who are not is inexcusable. We must all pretend that they are all well qualified and well suited for office.

Hell, even the extremely Republican friendly Rupert Murdoch owned press in New York refers to Paladino as "Crazy Carl". But you go right ahead and keep denying the obvious about your colorful and highly amusing teabaggers nominees.


I never said anything about any candidates. I just mentioned that you seem to be the fruitcake. Or, are you just another incarnation of local gop?

local gop

yes because christine odonnell not knowing that religion is in the 1st amendment shows how intelligent she is.

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Histories make men wise ; poems witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep ; moral grave ; logic and rhetoric able to contend .

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