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October 17, 2010


local gop

Where are you finding the Connolly finance reports?? I can't find them...


sources . . .

local gop

haha well i hope they're accurate...

that will be VERY embarrassing for Gerry is that is in fact the case.


McCartney also fails to recognize that not all federal workers are lockstep Democrats. Northern Virginia tends to attract the type of fed who is pro-defense, at least somewhat socially conservative (albeit with strong libertarian tendencies), recognizes the wasteful spending they see around them every day and most importantly understands that better management rather than unlimited spending is the key to providing the type of government services the public will support. The hard core libs tend to settle in Maryland and the District.

Republicans can win NOVA feds with the right message just as we can win NOVA legal immigrants if we make the effort. I think many feds probably view Connelly as a pandering fool who plays into the negative stereotypes we try to overcome every day. Fimian has wisely avoided direct attacks on government workers (as opposed to government waste) and once in office could establish a good working relationship with feds if he ignores some of the more strident union demands on the left and anti-government worker nonsense on the right.

Finally, McCartney does not understand there are at least 1.5 contractors in NOVA for every fed and they are not real thrilled with current "insourcing"initiatives.


and mccartney doesn't take into account that connolly is such a vile and despicable squirt bag. he can't even appear in public without sneaking in the back door of a controlled event and then sneaking out to avoid embarrassing confrontations by angry constituents.

and the creepazoid is the president of nancy pelosi's freshman class of zombie supporters! gerry voted for nancy's crap 97% of the time. a real pos.


For the actuals at www.fec.gov

5. Covering Period 07/01/2010 Through 09/30/2010

Raised in period: $417K
On hand: $1,438,481.74
Obligations: $9,452.10
Total raised in cycle:$2,094,211.38

Raised in period: $1,023,694.80
On hand:$1,062,018.68
Obligations: $126,459.81
Total raised in cycle:$2,069,727.01

So Fimian has a lot of $$ on hand, but he is about 500K behind Connolly...

Connolly shits his pants

As several bloggers have pointed out today, Connolly's advantage is gone. He has been on broadcast tv for 10 days. That's at least 500k right there. He better pray his bonus ad worked or he is done.

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