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October 13, 2010


James Young

As a recovering YR, I agree with virtually everything you said.

But, as the first Parliamentarian for the Committee (back in Anne Keast's days) the Committee has no authority to reject a duly-appointed YR representative.


Its just an insult to everyone that has been here for so long, working hard to build this club. There about 5-10 core people that are there all the time, every month that deserve recognition and don't deserve to have their club basically used a stepping stone on someone's party resume that didn't lift a single finger to help grow said club.

Hardy and Skiles should both be ashamed of themselves.

Anthony Bodell

Just take a deep breath, shut up, donate and do what your told.

Skiles is a much more valuable Republican for the quality of his blogging alone. Your just jealous.

R Yates

Quit whining and stop being a wimp. Dueling may be frowned upon, but punching somebody out can have a clarifying effect.

No Common Sense

I don't understand why you don't like David Skiles. You must be one of those Jeff Frederick lunatics who doesn't understand how much we need Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, and Dede Scozafava in the Republican Party.

Some day, you'll understand how brilliant I am.


Brian W. Schoeneman

This is really petty, Chris. Your beef should be with Mike Hardy, not Skiles. Skiles has been on the 11th CD committee representing the CRs for a few years now. He will do fine representing the YRs now.

Lee Talley

I've followed your blog for a long time and this is VERY petty. The YR's voted Mike in as chairman and he's done nothing but exercise his power to appoint who he sees fit to the position. Skiles is a great Republican and will do the job admirably. Then again last time I saw this much pettiness was from Bob Marshall when he lost to Gilmore. Just like your hero aren't you?


I actually voted for Gilmore in that convention, BTW


here's the deal, it may sound petty but a lot of us worked really hard in this club and its an insult to us who have been organzing and hitting the pavement in this group to then have the chairman nominate someone who isn't even in the group to represent us on a board that has some power in the local party. The 11th CD controls whether we have primaries or conventions, among other things, and the point of having a YR on there is that the group is represented. Instead its now a patronage position to someone who's never been a YR! He RSVP'd on Facebook to the social last night and then no-showed! How is that!

This isn't personal, its about this club that I do feel some ownership over because I'm friends with everyone in it and I've been apart of it so long. I'm hearing that the members are pissed about this, too. Its not just me. I'm just lucky enough to have a forum. But what's the point of having a YR Rep on the 11th CD if it doesn't even go to a YR?!

Brian W. Schoeneman

Then take the issue up with the Chairman, Chris - again, going after Skiles because he was the one appointed by not saying anything about Hardy is why this looks petty.

I don't know when appointments like this became patronage positions. Getting to spend more time going to meetings that drag on and on doesn't sound like a reward to me.

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