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October 01, 2010


Julie Anderson

Ride'm cowboys! Let's roll!

George Angevine

Ride'm Cowgirls, too!

local gop

interesting you left out deleware....

IF angle wins NV, there will possibly be a tie. That's thanks to the new polling in WV and WI that show the GOP could pick those up.

local gop

BTW Chris...every member of the Alaska GOP is behind Miller...don't know why you and Sister Sarah still try to perpetuate this divisive we vs they establishment non-sense. As long as the candidate is not a con artist (Christine Odonnell) no 'establishment' has not gotten behind the nominee (NV, AK, FL [senate and governor despite the gov candidate being a felon], NY, etc.)

This whole establishment talk has really devolved into a over-used joke...

Sam Herbert

What is really going on is that the Republican establishment has lost it's relevance and it's vision. They drank for too long from the same chalice as the Democrats, spending too much and ever increasing the size and scope of government.

The Republicans are about as relevant today as the Whigs when they collapsed. The GOP has one shot to correct their course and save their party, or they will go the way of the Whigs. They will be taken over by the Tea Party from within or from without. But, make no mistake, the GOP as presently constituted is toast.

And if you really want to watch an implosion, just watch the Dems. That one will be fun, and potentially violent.

John abernathy

Herbert makes a good point. It is Obama's leftist fringe groups that bomb and burn building, and beat people in the streets, and intimidate voters. Weatherman (Bill Ayers), Black Panthers (pick one), Unions (pick one).

When these leftist groups are unleashed by Obaba, all hell is going to break loose. In fact, they may not wait for Obama's signal. They could launch their violent tactics early. The October Surprise!


I'm very quickly getting behind Sarah Palin running for president just to see all the establishment REPUBLICANS crap their pants. I mean seriously, who wouldn't love to see the months and months of crying and moaning from the usual suspects on the blogs as Palin takes their favorites in the GOP to pound town?


PS, I didn't leave O'Donnell off the list, Fred Barnes did. O'Donnell has a real chance to win that seat but if she doesn't the Republican Party needs to look hard at itself and ask whether it really wants to win the Senate or not.

We aren't the one's driving the divisive we vs. us . . . every conservative that has lost in their primaries have enthusiastically endorsed their opponent, can't say that about your side that hates the tea party and hates that new people you can't control are rising up to take the party from you.

Germaine Starke

The Republican party stalwarts
are moving at lightening speed down the same track as the Whigs. They became irrelevant and disappeared.

The GOP faces the same fate if they don't get their act together. Otherwise the Tea Party will take it over and make it relevant.

The Tea Party has no need or desire to be a 3rd Party. The Tom Davis crowd can join up or persish. Afterall, isn't that the same deal they conservatives not too long ago.

Germaine Starke

PS ..... Chris, I'm with you on Palin. It would be fun as heck to watch the establishment Republican leaders soil their pants.

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