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October 27, 2010


J. Tyler Ballance

My favorite Senator, Jim Webb, served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and is a Naval Academy graduate.

He is clearly NOT, nor ever was, as you stated, "...an Army officer..."

I hope that he will run again, and if he doesn't, that it is due to him launching his campaign for President.


My bad . . . your right he is a Navy man, I should fix that.


First, the uncertain GOP candidates are "skittish".

Next,McEachin lost by 20 points in an AG race to Jerry Kilgore in 2001...do we think he will do better in 2012? If they grab up a "new school dem", it will have to be one who tacks a bit more to the center.

However, what we do see is the weakness of the Democrats bench.

Maybe they would run Dave Marsden...then he would at last be able to say he lives in the district he represents. ;-)

J. Tyler Ballance

Republicans should get Randy Forbes to run. I was a campaign volunteer for Randy when he first ran for office. He is an evangelical, so some will find that off-putting, but he is a really fine Virginian in every respect.

I especially like his commitment to get America to become energy independent. I wish more political leaders would join Congressman Forbes on the energy independence issue.

If the race was between Randy and Senator Webb, it would be a tough choice for many of us, but I would still go with Senator Webb.

I know that I can trust Senator Webb to cover my back in combat, and he has my vote as long as he wants to stay in the Senate.

Jim Webb would make a truly great President, so if your rumor turns out to be true, I hope that it is true only because he will be following President Obama into the White House.

Archibald Mercer

Why not have McDonnell make a go for the Senate himself? This would put Bolling in the Gov and give him some time to get people acquainted with him so he could make a legitimate run in 2013 for the top spot in the state.

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