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February 01, 2012


Samuel Gilleran

Speaking only for myself, I am not inclined to vote for a Senator in the Lt. Gov. race unless that person were from a very safe district, as the ensuing special election would determine control of the Senate.


I like the idea of having Corey Stewart as LG. We need more people in Richmond who came from a county background and understand the need for the state to fund the programs it has pushed off onto the local governments.


the problem, Riley, is he can do exactly zilch about even if he is elected.

Not Dick Saslaw

Coming from the other significant population area, Hampton Roads, McWaters is a promising statewide candidate. But he really should spend a few more years making a name for himself as Majority Whip in the Senate to build some recognition.


Chris, I understand that the position of LG can be somewhat powerless. However it is a stepping stone to higher office.

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