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March 04, 2012



Do you think the Pirates will finish bad enough they don't even garner a mention?

That makes this Cubs fan happy.


LOL . . . my miss. But yet, perhaps so.


Dude, the Nats? Really?


I'm a homer! I admitted it!

Fairfax Volunteer

You have a LOT more faith in the Nats than most of us.

I hope you're right, though.

Crystal Clear Conservative

As a Yankees fan, I hate to admit this, but I do not think there is a way we are going to be first in the AL East. We may be a close second this year, as we don't have the depth in pitching we once had. Right now, I would say that Tampa Bay will be in the lead, with the Yankees second, and the Toronto Blue Jays in third. The Blue Jays are looking good this year and will no doubt provide strong competition in the AL East.

As for the AL Central, you are correct that Detroit will be at the top, followed by Cleveland. The interesting team to watch in this division will be Kansas City. Don't count them out.

In the AL West, I think we will see a repeat of the Texas Rangers at the top with LAA in second.

As for the NL, I think the predictions of Washington being in the wild card is overly ambitious. I like the Nats, but I don't think they are a great team. I think this could be the Cincinnati Reds' year.

My overall prediction for the 2012 World Series: Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds. The Reds would take out the Tigers.

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Philadelphia lose pitching or did I miss something. Atlanta will not finish ahead of them or Miami. sorry to say.

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