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May 11, 2012


Let's Be Free

Agreed. Government should get out of the validation or recognition of marriage business altogether. It can recognize the primacy and economic situation of families (parent or parents with minor children) like currently with head of household filing status in tax code. Issues of surivorship, ownership and mutual responsibility can be handled contractually.

James Young

Both the primary post and the first comment seem to reflect the libertarian myth that government has no business reflecting culture. This extreme view is no more appropriate or principled than the extreme positivist view that government possesses the power to redefine marriage.

Government has the power neither to redefine marriage nor ignore it.

Let's Be Free

Government's business is to reflect culture?

Great to know that Mr. Young supports the $16 trillion debt run up with no end in sight. After all, that merely reflects the cultural descent of the American household into its current overleveraged, under water and insufficiently capitalized state. Young adults now, particularly, believe it's their birthright to borrow as much as they want to support whatever choices they make, as with college education. It's society's obligation to supply young people a job with compensation which supports that choice, come hell or high water. Borrow heartily, get the government to support you and spend on. That's what you get for culture Mr. Young!


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