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June 18, 2012



"If government wants job creation, it would simplify regulations and cut taxes across the board. They wouldn't single out certain companies for special treatment. Why should there be favoritism?

Because politicians like it. Big, complicated government gives them opportunities to do favors for their friends." ~John Stossel "No They Can't"

I just moved to Texas. I was elated to find out that I will pay no personal property taxes on my cars. None. Just a registration fee that is around $65 a year. That's it. The fee is not based on the car's value, or mileage. The rather small fee pays for tags and license. The way I see it, that's less money of mine the government has to give to Jerry Jones to build a stadium for the Cowboys to play in, and more money for me to pay for things I want.

I like football but at the end of the day, if the Cowboys win the Superbowl it just doesn't affect me in any way, except for the entertainment value. And it doesn't pay my bills.

Too cozy relationships between government and business is in no way supported by free-market theory. I don't get how conservatives can support it with a straight face.

Great post, Chris.


Much of economic development is a slippery slope. If one concedes that government is a revenue maximizer, well, the gates are open for all manner of crazy (depending upon the observer) schemes such as this. Having looked quite closely at it in the past, there is no law out there that says government can't act to maximize it's revenues. This is a very troublesome area that is highlighted by grants such as this, and the political attractiveness of it makes it all that much more troublesome.


And by the way, Kelo featured a government acting as a revenue maximizer. Look at all the travail that has been caused by that stupidity, and all of the consequent cost that falls upon any government condemnor.

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