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October 22, 2012



Great post. Your comparison of McGovern and Goldwater is apt. Both men of great integrity. If we could resurrect them both and put them together on a presidential ticket (flip a coin for the order on the ticket) I'd vote for them today.

McGovern's war record is well worth reading. He flew 35 combat missions over Europe during World War II so statistically he shouldn't have survived the war. He almost didn't.

We could use more like McGovern in government today.

Let's Be Free

There is a world of difference between the voluntary cooperative movement that characterizes the agrarian tradition that is alive and well, to this very day, on the Great Plains, vs. the compelled socialist welfare movement that depends on the police power of the state, and encroaches more and more every day onto our lives. People cooperating and helping people in need out is a good thing, indeed, it is necessary for our survival at times. Politicians threatening ruin, bankruptcy and imprisonment to reach into your pocket and transfer resources to others who have done nothing to create value is the type of "populism" that George McGovern endorse. It's destructive to society and the economy.

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